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Banana Pancake: 10 light recipes to sweeten snack time

Knowing recipes that help increase snack time or leave breakfast with a special taste is always very good. The banana pancake is a light and healthy option, which goes well with various side dishes and helps to innovate the menu! Check out some recipes:

1. Banana Pancake with 2 ingredients

This super easy recipe is perfect for those who like practicality and flavor. With just two ingredients, you’ll have a fluffy and tasty pancake base that you can top up with your favorite toppings and fillings!

2. Banana Pancake with 3 ingredients

Another option for those who want a simple recipe with few ingredients. In this case, in addition to the two ingredients used in the recipe above, this version also takes oat flakes, which makes the dish even healthier and more functional!

3. Banana Pancake with Egg White

Banana Pancake with Egg White is a delicious and quick alternative for anyone who needs a light pre-workout that’s easy to prepare. For the filling, you can choose a peanut butter, yogurt, fruit or other ingredient of your choice!

4. Banana Pancake with Cinnamon

The combination between banana and cinnamon is a classic that always works very well. In this recipe, other ingredients such as egg and oatmeal help to enhance the positive and healthy effects of the dish, leaving it nutritious and with an incredible flavor!

5. Banana Pancake with Honey

This banana and honey pancake option will remind you a lot of the American pancakes we always see in the movies. In addition to the mouth-watering appearance, the combination of flavors and nutritional value make this delight worth trying and trying!

6. Banana pancake with chia

In addition to chia seed, this recipe also uses coconut oil and honey. That is, it is a perfect snack alternative to introduce on the menu of those who are looking for a healthier diet without losing flavor!

7. Banana pancake with grated coconut

In addition to giving a light and special touch to the flavor, the grated coconut also helps to add texture to the dish. In this recipe, you will have a soft, juicy and very tasty pancake!

8. Banana pancake with milk

The milk in this recipe will help make the pancake batter a little more fluffy and airy. That way, it will look much more like fluffy American pancakes that make your mouth water. In addition, you can still follow the fruit topping and decorating tips, which will give your plate an irresistible look!

9. Banana Pancake with Coconut Milk

The coconut milk in this recipe gives a light flavor and aroma to the fruit, also helping to make the mixture lighter and with a soft texture. In addition, the recipe uses rice flour, which helps to increase the nutritional value and makes your snack even tastier and more functional!

10. Complete banana pancake

If you want a more reinforced recipe with complete ingredients, you will love to try this version. In addition to using wheat flour, it also takes ingredients such as butter and baking powder. The end result is a more consistent and thick dough, great for those who want a snack that yields and sustains well.

Did you like to know this mix of amazing flavors and how to make a delicious pasta with banana? So run to the stove to test these wonders! Enjoy and also prepare a creamy cappuccino to accompany.

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