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Baby shower: how to organize an unforgettable celebration

Preparing a baby shower is as exciting as waiting for the birth. It’s a time to celebrate with great affection the arrival of someone special, so the details are super important, even at a simple baby shower. The trousseau contains many essential items for daily use, so the event is great to help in this regard, in addition to celebrating with family and friends. See a complete guide to help you organize!

How to organize a baby shower: 8 important tips

To start your baby shower preparations, first think about the style of the party, the budget and whether you will hire or invite someone you trust to help you. Let’s go to the steps:

1. Choose the date

Ideally, the baby shower should be held between the sixth and eighth month of pregnancy, so that you can plan ahead with any items that may be missing. However, you need to be careful if you are resting, so the ideal is to talk to your doctor before setting the date. The month chosen can interfere with the menu and decoration, so try to set a date when you can plan better.

2. Prepare the guest list

To go to the next steps, you first need to organize a guest list, so you know how many people you will be hosting your baby shower for. Assemble the list with name, telephone and address, so that you can later control whether all the invitations were delivered.

3. Book a spot

Look for a venue that matches the style of your baby shower. If you want something more homey, cheap and have few guests, a space in a house that can accommodate the amount of people on your list can be a great option – a living room, garage, outhouse…

Ballrooms in condominiums and buildings can also be a great option. If you need a bigger place, a good idea is to ask for quotes in restaurants, event halls and other places that provide more complete services for the tea day, such as freezers, tables, chairs, air-conditioned environments, etc.

4. Set the menu

To choose the food and drink for your baby shower, you must analyze the time and type of party. A cool tip for afternoon baby showers is to invest in cakes, pies and snacks in general. Ordering snacks can be a great option if you want practicality.

Another very interesting idea is to ask guests to bring a plate to set up a delicious table with plenty of variety. Also, don’t forget the candy table! You can set up a simple table, with homemade sweets, or even order some personalized sweets with the party theme. This will depend on how much you can invest.

For baby showers at night, a dinner goes very well, but it can demand a higher cost, since the variety of dishes must be greater to please everyone. You will also have to analyze if you will be able to prepare dinner yourself, if you will be able to count on helpers or if you will have to hire a service.

5. Think about the decoration

If you want to prepare your decor, start researching suggestions and models approximately three months in advance, so you have enough time to get your hands dirty. If you prefer to hire a decoration, look for quotes according to the theme and colors you thought of to make your party even more full of love.

Balloon decorations are super happy and fill the environment. Flowers are perfect for those who want delicacy. A great idea is to decorate with baby objects, such as teddy bears, room signs and other toys.

6. Invitations

There are many baby shower invitations available. But if you want to prepare your own, remember to start well in advance so you don’t catch anyone off guard.

There are several ready-made editable templates on the internet, if you prefer to print and decorate the invitations yourself. There is also the option of hiring a specialized service to customize your invitation, which can be a great idea if you want to follow a theme in every detail.

Finally, the delivery of the invitation: if you are a modern mom, you can send the personalized invitation online. Now, if you like a more formal touch, deliver in person or by mail. Don’t forget to put the necessary information on the invitation, such as the date, address, time and location of your gift list – if you have it.

7. Souvenirs

Baby shower favors are a form of gratitude for the person’s presence at your event, as well as being important for them to remember you and your baby fondly. Search for models and inspirations to do it yourself or ask for quotes and order from an artisan who has options for your taste.

Personalized party favors can be more expensive. A good idea is to opt for paper tags to give a final finish, putting only the baby’s name, date and thanks for being there.

Soaps, gel alcohol, key chains and sweets are great souvenir options for you to choose according to your budget.

8. Gift List

If you prefer to indicate to the guests what you want to win, one option is to put the gift suggestion in the invitation, so you avoid winning repeated items. To make the baby shower list, prepare a checklist with what will be most useful in everyday life and other items you would like to win.

Get inspired by ready-made list templates, so you don’t forget anything. Or, if you prefer to list at a specific store, ask if they provide a complete list of baby layettes.

The gift list is always a touchy subject. The trousseau is large, but the question always arises: what to ask for the baby shower guests? See below a model list with essential products that will help you assemble yours.

Baby shower: what to ask for in the invitation?

A tip is to divide by category, prioritizing the items most used in everyday life. Leave the guest free to choose brand and colors, but the gift indication and list are essential to make the baby shower even more organized.


  • wet wipes
  • diapers
  • Baby soap and shampoo
  • cotton swabs
  • diaper rash ointment


  • Short-sleeved and long-sleeved bodysuits (various sizes)
  • Pants (various sizes)
  • Socks
  • gloves and caps
  • little shoes


  • Feeding bottle
  • Bib
  • Baby cup with handle
  • bottle warmer
  • mouth cloth


  • anti-suffocating pillow
  • Crib bedding set
  • Mattress protector
  • Blankets to roll up (swaddle)
  • crib protective pillows


  • teether
  • crib mobile
  • Rattle
  • toy for stroller
  • bath toys

To Mother

  • Disposable breast protectors
  • postpartum brace
  • breast pump
  • kangaroo or sling
  • Breast-feeding pillow

If your baby is born in winter, you can add more varied items, such as blankets and warmer clothes. Another tip is not to put trousseau items that you already have, to avoid getting repeated products. Leave the essentials and other products you would like to have for your baby on the list.

baby shower toys

Entertaining the guests makes the party even more unforgettable. Baby shower games that have to do with the arrival of the new member are always a lot of fun. See some ideas:

belly circumference

For this game, you will need string and scissors. Ask each guest to cut a piece of string that they think will measure the circumference of Mom’s belly. Whoever gets it right and the string passes the right size around the belly, wins a toast.

hit the present

This is one of the traditional tea games where guests have fun. Mom must try to guess what she has inside the gift package. If she makes a mistake, she must pay a gift chosen by the person who gave the gift.

Time capsule

This is a very exciting play suggestion for mom and baby in the future. Give guests a pen and paper and ask them to write a note or a message full of affection for you and the baby to read when he learns to read and write. It’s a great way to remember this special day years later.

guess the amount

In a clear glass jar, place lots of cotton swabs. Guests will have to guess the exact amount of cotton swabs inside the jar. Whoever gets it right or whoever comes closest to the ideal number wins a toast.

my water broke

This is one of the funniest and simplest baby shower games. You will need ice cube trays and plastic baby miniatures. Place a baby in each cube and make ice. At party time, each guest receives an ice cube with a baby inside. Everyone should receive it at the same time. If your ice melts first, shout out loud “My water broke!” and go to mom to show the baby doll. The winner may receive a gift. If you can’t find the doll, you can replace it with beads.

stuffed diaper

Separate some diapers and choose 1/3 of them to be the “stuffed diapers”. Inside the diaper, you must put melted milk chocolate. Leave diapers scattered around the party venue. At a certain point, ask guests to find the stuffed diapers, and whoever finds them can win a treat. If you prefer, you can leave the chocolate packed whole inside the diaper, whoever finds the diaper stuffed, wins the chocolate inside.

The important thing is that the games are easy and that everyone understands to participate. In case you don’t know what treats, gifts or party favors to prepare, here are some tips for baby shower party favors.

Baby shower: souvenirs

The party favors are part of the baby shower treats, delight the eyes of the guests and reflect how special this moment is. Here are some models and tips to help you when choosing:

1. A delicious idea: personalized baby shower cookies

2. Personalized baby bottles for you to put whatever you want inside

3. Bag with lots of treats in the party theme

4. Fun souvenir: tube with “fertility candies”

5. Bag for candy with tag is a simple and delicate option

6. Personalized cups are beautiful and practical

7. Alcohol in gel are useful and super nice souvenirs

8. Personalized marshmallow boxes: simple and wonderful!

9. Scented sachets are super cute souvenirs

10. To please the guests: personalized pencils

11. Soaps in the shape of feet and bottle: charming!

12. Another super creative soap idea: baby name letters

13. Who doesn’t love a baby smell?

14. Hanging tags with beautiful messages are perfect

15. Keychains are also a great baby shower favor option

Party favors are great for guests to keep a memory of this moment of joy and also to always remember the baby. A good tip is to bet on DIY to save money.

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