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Australians rescue injured puppy, discover it’s an endangered breed

There are hidden heroes all over the world that don’t wear a cape or have superpowers. The story we will tell is about some of these heroes. They are an Australian family and had the opportunity to pick up and protect an injured puppy found in their backyard. Although at first they thought it was a puppy or a fox, they later discovered that it was a dingo, a subspecies of canid that is in danger of extinction in the Oceanian country. They named him Wandi. Thanks to the help received, the animal is doing well and currently lives in a sanctuary with other animals of the species.

Kevin Newman, a sanctuary volunteer, shared Wandi’s story with the awesome.club, because, after all, his rescue is a sign that there are still good-hearted people in the world.

A dingo fallen from the sky

Wandi was found in the backyard of a house in Wandiligong, Australia. When the family approached, he couldn’t identify what kind of animal it was, nor could he answer the question of how he got there.

The puppy was scared and wouldn’t stop crying. When they took him to the clinic, the vet noticed that the small, helpless animal had worn nails from its failed attempts to climb an embankment. Furthermore, some marks on its back were very similar to those of a bird of prey’s claws. As there were no traces of other chicks in the region, they concluded that the chick had been captured by a bird and, during the flight, had fallen into the backyard.

a beautiful surprise

As there were doubts at first about the puppy’s identity, the family that found him decided to post a photo on Facebook to get other people’s opinions. With the comments received, they confirmed that it had a high probability of being a dingo and, to be sure, they collected samples of the puppy’s saliva with a cotton swab and sent them to the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, to verify its DNA. Later, the results confirmed that Wandi was a purebred dingo, a vulnerable animal in Australia.

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Courtesy of Shari Trimble for Genial.guru

A new beginning for Wandi

After examining him again, the veterinarian who attended Wandi was in charge of contacting the Australian Dingo Foundation and, after analyzing some photos of the puppy, a volunteer from the sanctuary came to pick him up to take him to his new home. . Currently, Wandi is in his care and lives happily with 40 other animals of his kind. “Wandi is fantastic! He has grown a lot and is very playful. At the sanctuary, he has a companion of the same age and they have fun together. She’s your surrogate sister,” Kevin said.

The importance of dingoes

Dingoes are extremely important for the ecosystem and, in addition, they are the main predators in Australia, being, unfortunately, a species very threatened by hunting in private regions. Wandi, fortunately, is a great representative of these animals and is in good hands. In addition, it will be part of a reproduction program that is being developed at the sanctuary, with the intention of preserving the species.

Courtesy of Shari Trimble for Genial.guru

Volunteers uniting for the cause

Thousands of poison baits are thrown every year in national parks and areas inhabited by dingoes. The foundation’s volunteers want to draw people’s attention to this problem, so that measures can be taken to prohibit the use of these substances.

What did you think of this story? Have you ever rescued an animal? Tell us in the comments.

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