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Are you lonely? Check out our 7 sympathies to have friends 👫

Did you know that it is totally possible to do sympathy to have friends? Because with this practice you will increase your circle of friends, as you learn how to attract more and more people to you.

In fact, friendships come and go, and that’s normal. It is very common to go through periods of loneliness that make us feel a little alone, without that circle of people to share laughter and keep memories.

But know that in esotericism you can use ways to meet people, and in this way, select the ones that are most interesting or that have more to do with you.

In this way create a complete social environment of pleasant friendships.

Check out below some sympathies to have friends, and end the loneliness.

Burn patchouli, a sympathy to have friends

On the seventh day of the week, on Sunday, burn a patchouli incense, dedicate the aroma to your guardian angel. Then he writes a letter to his protector and asks to have friends who are loyal and sincere.

However recite Psalm 7, wait for the incense to finish burning and fold the letter with the ashes inside it. That way, finish the sympathy by burying everything inside a plant pot, and that’s it, it’s done.

This is a spell to attract friends, and it can help you find nice people to be around you.

Sympathy to have friends and increase the circle of friendship with Patuá

To make the patuá, start by sewing a small green bag (it can be a simple fabric), put inside it:

  • an amethyst stone
  • several daisy petals
  • a sheet of paper written the word “friendship”

Also, close the patuá with a white satin ribbon and spray a little of your favorite perfume. In order for this sympathy to make friends with someone to work, you must always carry the patuá in a purse, bag or backpack.

Sympathy to have friends instead of enemies

This is one of the most useful sympathies on our list, for removing that potential enemy and surrounding us with people willing to help us.

Take a piece of paper, write on it the names of all the people who appear to be your enemies. Place the paper in the bottom of a glass and pour sugar halfway and complete with water.

As the sugar dissolves in the water, cover the glass and keep it for 7 days where no one will see it.

Finally, pour everything into a vase with a plant, and wash the glass to store it.

Part of the sympathies to have friendship serve as shields to defend us from bad energies. And one of the other features that people often use is the consultation with specialists who make sympathiesand we have our selected professionals to serve you, check it out!.

Sympathy for protection in friendship

Separate a golden ring and go to attend a mass in some church, during the celebration kneel and pray:

  • 1 our father;
  • 1 Hail Mary (both in front of the altar).

Then at the time of communion, before eating the host, separate the ring from the finger and when putting it back, say in a low voice:

“Lord I receive your help for my problems with friends”

Finally, take the host and finish putting the ring on your finger, do not let anyone touch it and keep the ring on the same finger for a long period of time. This is a way to intensify sympathy for having friends.

Spell to conquer a successful friend

Make one intense prayer and with very beautiful words for the angel Vehuel, mentalize your request in sympathy to make friends with someone. take an incense from sandalwood and light it, as it burns pass its smoke over your feet and head.

Finally, collect all the ashes, throw them in the trash and that’s it! Easy isn’t it? This is without a doubt one of the easiest friendship spells to make.

Sympathy to have more sincere friends

Separate an agate stone, leave it exposed for a peaceful night. As soon as you wake up, take the stone and place it right at the entrance of your house, and leave it until 20:00 of the same day.

When the time comes, take the stone and hold it tight and say a prayer to your guardian angel and ask him for more:

  • loyalty;
  • honesty;
  • sincerity.

Remembering that this sympathy for friendship will only work if you certainly meet the schedule, so pay close attention.

How to win someone over with a sympathy for friendship

Of all our sympathies, this is the most complex, but take it easy. Well, if you follow our steps correctly, you may have a result beyond what you expected, and you’ll learn another sympathy to have friends, let’s go?

Separate the following items:

  • 1 white candle;
  • 5 pins;
  • 1 glass jar with lid;

When taking the white candle, stick 4 of the pins creating a cross with them inside the candle. Carry the candle with you, but without anyone seeing it, preferably use a bag or backpack.

When you greet the person you want to conquer, stick the last pin in the middle of the cross formed on the candle. And when you get home, keep the candle inside the glass jar with a lid, and fill it with water.

Keep that pot safe until this person becomes your friend, and when you get that friend-winning sympathy to work, pour the water. immediately at the foot of a tree (may be small).

Finally, bury the candle next to the tree and throw the glass jar in the trash.

Now that you know that there are spells for having friends, remember that spells for friendship are pretty powerful and shouldn’t be done if you’re not really interested in being friends with someone.

So know that there are people willing to help you, including with esoteric consultations, and here you will find the best prices for this service. You will surely know more sympathies to attract friends.

See you next time, see you later!

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