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Animal spirit: what it is, how to find it, animal qualities and more!

Finding out what our spiritual animal is is crucial when we think about truly connecting with our essence, our ancestry and the universe. This spiritual guide and protector animal shows us, in addition to a path to our purpose, our main characteristics.

The animal that governs as your spiritual mentor and brings in its energy characteristics that influence your personality and behaviors during the various stages of life. It is possible to identify their behavior patterns being associated with the characteristic behavior of your animal. So, to understand more, read this complete guide on the qualities of spirit animals below!

Since its inception, human beings have understood that they would need the help of animals to grow and develop, whether it be the strength of a horse to go further, the help of a wolf to hunt, or, even further ahead, the cow and the cow. chicken to feed. The fact is that the human being is a species of animal that, in antiquity, was part of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Over time, human beings have detached themselves from their nature and found themselves superior to the harmony of the planet, leaving behind their natural interaction. But the truth is that we are still part of a whole and knowing animal, vegetable, mineral, aquatic energies and so on. can help us to have a much more balanced and prosperous life.

Find out, in the next topics, a little more about these forces, about how to discover your animal spirit and what qualities it has!

When interacting with animals, ancient peoples began to observe their main characteristics and learn from them. For example, hunting techniques were learned from wolves, foraging in the snow was taken from moose, and much more.

Thus, this interaction created a spiritual connection between the human being and the animal being. In this way, each human began to manifest an animal of power in his spirit, which guides and protects him during his life.

The most important fact you need to understand on the subject is that we all have our guardian power animal, that spirit and that energy that governs us during our passage on Earth. However, there is the energy of other animals, which we can access to reach a desired degree or a divine blessing.

The union with animals in order to access their strengths and abilities has existed for millennia, even before human beings existed as a society, and it lasts until today. In antiquity, most noble families had a protective animal in their coat of arms and some even carried it in their last name.

Starting from a point of view of human thought, more recently, the “animal spirit” was studied and introduced in philosophical, psychological and even economic theories. The first use of this terminology was described by Descartes and even by Newton, correlating human personality and behavior with animals, as a primitive form.

In 1936, economist John Maynard Keynes used the term “animal spirit” in his book The General Theory of Employment. He used it to describe the instincts, inclinations, and emotions that ostensibly influence and guide human behavior. economically, to understand the way of consumption and the correlation between markets.

Discovering your spirit animal first helps you connect with natural energy. This puts you in harmony and balance with the forces that are around you at all times. In addition, the act of discovering your spirit animal is an excellent self-reflection, as you can understand its main characteristics and adjust to them.

So, imagine that you act like a lion all the time: you fight for everything and you want to get attention and get things through clashes. However, his power animal is actually an owl: its essence is not combative, but cunning and wise.

Thus, the fact that you are out of your energy will make you tired and realize that everything is more difficult. That way, using your spirit animal form or not, you can get to the same place, but the way you use it will be different and more fluid for you, if you know better who you are.

You have an animal that governs your spirit and your personality, but you are not the same person your whole life: you evolve and so do your needs. So, depending on what stage you are going through in life, you can connect more with the energy of another animal or several other animals, as needed.

In addition, you can also summon the energy of a specific animal for a specific purpose. If you need more determination, you can summon the lion; if you need more wisdom for your studies, you can invoke the elephant, and so on. Therefore, knowing the energy and strength of power animals brings you a new range of spiritual help.

Big, mighty, strong and fearless. Certainly, some of these words come to your mind when you see the image of a totem pole. These are representations of a much greater energy than just decoration or an embellishment. Totems represent the 9 animals that some cultures believe you carry with you.

Thus, a totem represents the symbology of the forces that are carved there and that are used as a form of visualization and gratitude. Hunters and warriors of ancient civilizations represented their prey on the walls during ceremonies, to bless and guarantee a good hunt, in addition to giving thanks for the spirit of the animal that was being slaughtered. Next, learn all about the 9 animal totem!

An animal totem is a representation of the power animals that accompany you. In some Shamanic cultures, an individual has 9 animals that accompany him during his life. Each animal assumes a position on the totem and has its meaning represented by the strength and area of ​​life that it governs, protects and guides.

Thus, the first position is destined for your guardian animal, the one that accompanies you in your essence and ancestry. This animal governs your emotions and your personality and also commands all the other 8. In practice, the other animals will bring their personalities and energies, but always within the field of your main animal.

The animals that represent your totem have a reason for being represented in each position, as it is through these positions that they represent the area of ​​life and the energies they govern. This representation comes from the seven directions: north, south, west, east, above, below and within you. The other two walk beside him, right and left.

North: It gives us insight into when to listen and speak and reminds us to live in gratitude.

South: Responsible for protecting our inner child and giving the cunning to understand who to trust and when to trust, in addition to focusing on our humility.

West: It brings confidence in our inner knowing and attention to tasks that have goals.

East: It is always connected to spiritual challenges, being a guide in those moments.

Above: Linked to our dreams, he is ruler of this astral field.

Below: Us guide within your personal path, keeping us focused on purpose.

Inside of: Guide us on a personal path that makes us happy. This is the protector of our “sacred space” or personal space – the place that is never accessed by anyone unless invited.

Right side: Protector of the male side of the body, which is responsible for courage, focus, strength, action, doing and moving.

Left side: Protector of the female side of the body, which is responsible for flow, reception, motherhood, relationships, being and intuition.

Power animals are grouped into 4 main types, and their evocation can be done for these types directly, instead of a single specific animal, if you still don’t know which animal accompanies you or which belongs to which category.

Below, check out each of the categories:

  • protectors – They are linked to strength, energy, warning of danger and strategy. An animal that represents this group is the lion.
  • teachers – With strong ancestral energy, they are connected to the need to access your inner wisdom and enlightenment. The eagle is an animal connected with this type.
  • Healers – Linked to the need for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The snake is an example of an animal that represents this group.
  • Board Members – This type are called for moments of choices, decisions, paths, guidance and direction. A representative animal is the fox.

Discovering your power animal is opening the doors to a new understanding of yourself. Many issues can be observed through your power animal and your complete power totem. Also, you can understand how each of the circumstances in your life can have help and resolution aid, for you to invoke a specific animal.

It is worth mentioning that knowing which is your power animal is a step, but the complete journey takes place when you align yourself energetically with the natural forces of the universe and become part of a whole in communion with the sacred. Remember that you are part of the natural forces and give a little of yourself to receive in return.

Thus, the most effective way to discover your power animal is through a shamanic experience, in which the shaman will guide you through a spiritual and transcendental journey, so that you activate your power animal and connect with it. . As this is not possible for everyone at the moment, there are other ways that can help you. Check out!

When you are connected to the universal energy, it will begin to communicate with you in different ways. One of the more subtle forms is the dream: when you look for answers, be aware of the messages that appear in your dreams and do not face everything with 100% truth, as your anxiety in an animal can play a role. So just go feel it little by little.

Meditation is one of the best ways to find yourself spiritually. Therefore, do a meditation, trying to pull in your memory the encounters with spirit animals that you had and that moved you.

Sometimes these encounters may have been through a program, a drawing, a dream or something face-to-face. So go remembering and feeling each experience.

In a specific moment of reflection, take a notebook and start imagining each spirit animal you…

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