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Angel Number 1157

The angelic number 1157 is a special number that your guardian angels send you, so that you can open your eyes to new opportunities that are entering your world.

Accept the message behind this angelic number and never ignore these subtle signs.

Number 1157: What does it mean?

The angelic number 1157 warns you about toxic people who could be around you. The world has ever wanted to be the center of attention, it was for the clothes it wears, for a hazaña that has achieved or for thousands of other things.

However, there is a type of person who constantly needs to be the center of attention and cannot conceive that there is a person who is on top of them.

These people are possessors of a specific type of personality, they are known as narcissists.

In this article we intend to teach you easily and understand everything that involves a person with narcissistic personality characteristics, including, as we will see in this article, what happens when you ignore a narcissist.

Narcissistic people are characterized by having a dominant boss of grandeur, a continuing need for admiration and a lack of empathy.

This behavior has its beginnings in the first stages of adult life. If you want to know more, you can read its characteristics in: Characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissistic people tend to act and behave in a very characteristic way. Although they differ in their strategies to be the center of attention, they have very similar objectives.

To call the attention of the person who interests him, he must act through a very seductive personality (even when it is not an attempt to conquer in a romantic way). They are characterized by being conversational and charming, which makes it easy for them to win over others.

As a result of their idea of ​​personal greatness, they try to be the best in the whole, reaching the point of humiliating people they consider friends.

No one criticizes them, as it would imply that they are not as perfect as creen and, on the other hand, in the few times they talk about others, it will be to belittle and humiliate them.

These characteristics make the people around them gradually denounce their true personality and tend to want to be alienated from them. While in sentimental relationships, here you will find how a narcissist in love acts.

Due to the excessive need for attention and feelings of grandeur and arrogance, these people feel really frustrated when they are rejected by someone around them.

The pathological narcissist has a concept of superiority over the rest of individuals, which is why he thinks that being part of his life is a privilege that the other has for which he should be grateful.

Suelen consider that, as a consequence of this privilege, the other individuals must be in deuda with them and because they cannot conceive at any time that someone rejects them.

You have to have it in mind to understand their behavior that these people lack their own identity, if they don’t act and are represented as a believer they have to do it to project greatness.

Therefore, if at some point they feel rejected, this image created by them flaquea, has the idea that they will be unmasked in front of the rest of society.

Because they tend to want to relate to high-status people, if someone from them rejects the first thing they think is what has spoken. Something inside them is activated, making them think that they are not perfect and that they have spoken in their lives.

Therefore, in the face of these feelings, Suelen act aggressively and with great fury, with the sole purpose of demonstrating that it is better than the person who has rejected him and thus repairs the damage to his ego.

What happens when you ignore the calls and text messages of a narcissist? Relating to a narcissist can be a little dangerous if at some point you feel ignored, even if everything you do in answering a call from him or not answering a message right away.

Although this may seem extreme, it is all right, because of their high ego these people consider that the rest of the people should always be at your disposal, with the sole purpose of complying with their demands.

That’s why, at the slightest sign of feeling ignored, they will feel insulted and indignant, even harboring feelings of anger and hatred for the person who has ignored them.

The narcissists believe they have the right to direct and control the lives of those around them, in addition to feeling the need to monopolize their

The secret meaning and the symbolism

When we talk about the meaning of the number 1157, we can find many definitions and many theories in respect. All because, many people relate him with el amor, others with el diablo and others with the family.

For that reason, today we have decided to create a post where you can get to know all the truth about it.

The symbolism of the number 1157 is based much on the family, on the tenderness and affection that can be given to the members of your family.

In addition, you need a lot of patience and kindness with other people to help them.

They are also totally sociable people because they develop perfectly to speak and are able to listen and support them in every decision they make; It is worth noting that there is sincerity without expecting anything in exchange.

Love and angel number 1157

The number 1157 is also directly related to the balance, since all people take it as a stable odd number. Next, we will talk about the negative and positive sides of the quince number.

On the positive side, the number 1157 can be very symbolized with the family, and that the people who have dialed this number in their destiny, they will have a unique feeling for all the members of the family.

In addition, many people who are marked with the number 1157 suelen tener sueños where this number appears, which means that the person will undergo many changes throughout life, but despite this, he will have much success in everything that is proposed , including el amor y las finanzas. .

On the negative side, the number 1157 could be significantly related to trust, and because of the excess of misma, people miss different opportunities that are presented that could change their destiny. In addition, they also have problems to concentrate on a problem.

Finally, in the tarot; number 1157 can be associated with many different things, among which are the burla, the luna, the hidden world and the power.

Let us remember that the letter associated with number 1157 shows a sword, dos demonios con la lengua fuera y muchos colores.

Interesting facts about the number 1157

The symbolism of the number 1157 is based a lot on the numbers that make it up, and that 5 is based a lot on harmony and 1 is based on all the positive qualities of each human being and, if they come together; Dan el number 6, which is based on love.

The meaning of the number 1157 is also related to the word to the maximum, since for people who have the number 1157 in their destiny, they say that their word is worth gold.

In addition, they are totally dedicated to working to achieve success, since they do not believe in success.

In the past, the number 1157 also meant the whole relationship with the creation of Dios, since every 1157 days the moon turned into a full moon. It should be noted that the number 1157 was related to practically the entire calendar that had the Egyptians.

See the angel number 1157

See the angelic number 1157 is another sin of heaven to take advantage of the opportunities you have and pursue your own.

No matter how much you believe in the power of heavenly powers, your help can always give you strength and motivation to pursue something that is important to you.

Giving yourself the opportunity to learn the message behind this angelic number will allow the power of spiritual love to enter your world and push it forward.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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