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Androgyny: Everything you need to know and 15 amazing looks

Androgyny is the mixture of references and ways of expressing oneself considered feminine and masculine. This mix of styles can cause confusion with other terms such as homosexuality, genderless people, genderfluid and many others. Stay with us and learn more about it, find out if you identify as androgynous and check out beautiful fashion references for this style. Come and see!

what is androgyny

The origin of the word soma andro (man) and gynya (woman), indicating the junction of the characteristics of the two sexes. In Greek mythology, androgynes were creatures that combined a male and a female body. Because they were very powerful, Zeus cut them in half, turning the creature in two. After the separation, men and women began to look for their half, and this is how they explain the attraction to opposite sexes.

However, androgyny is closely linked to identification and form of expression, in addition to being a cultural phenomenon. With the entry of women into the labor market, issues and roles considered male or female began to be questioned and the woman herself began to break some stigmas, using pieces of clothing, haircuts and assuming functions that had hitherto been male.

In the 70’s and 80’s, androgyny gained more strength with the rock counterculture movements – mainly Glam Rock -, which used a lot of the mixture of masculine and feminine characteristics. Some of the big names of the time are David Bowie, Iggy Pop and, in Brazil, Ney Matogrosso.

Androgyny can be confused with sexual orientation or non-binary gender, but it only concerns the interest in both feminine and masculine characteristics, functioning as a form of expression and identification. So, you can be a heterosexual woman, but express yourself as an androgynous person, adding masculine and feminine characteristics.

Experiences with androgyny

With so many names and categories to fall into, it can get a little difficult to understand how we want to express ourselves. Watch videos with incredible reports of people who found themselves androgynous and understand if it’s your case too.

what is it like to be androgynous

In this video, you will understand a little more about androgyny and other gender issues, as well as know what it is like for Cup to be an androgynous person and how he expresses himself.

Androgyny has nothing to do with homosexuality.

In this video, Guilherme tells about his experience as a heterosexual and androgynous man, commenting on his decisions and experiences in public and private places.

How to recognize yourself as androgynous

Henrique tells us about his discovery process as an androgynous homosexual man and how it interfered in his life. He also talks about how important it was to find references in other people who were similar to him.

The confusion and desire to define themselves can be very great, but, looking for references and studying the subject, all these people were able to recognize themselves as androgynous. Self-knowledge is always the best answer!

androgyny in fashion

Fashion reflects a lot of what happens in the world, and androgyny could not be different. After women, especially suffragettes, began to wear pants, around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Coco Chanel started to use the piece as well, in addition to creating other items inspired by men’s wardrobe.

Later, in the 60s and 70s, with the influence of the hippie movement, fashion launched the gowns and bell-bottom pants that were worn by both sexes. Just like in the 80s and 90s, when the t-shirt, jeans and plaid shirt look was worn by men and women, inspired by Glam Rock and Grunge.

The androgynous style always appears in important movements that go against what is considered traditional and correct, being used as a protest, in addition to being a very cool form of expression. The truth is that it is a lot of fun to be able to play with the male and female universes. The looks are very creative and full of personality.

15 androgynous looks to enjoy the best of both worlds

Check out super cool androgynous looks and get inspired to adopt the androgynous style in your life. Your look is sure to win!

1. Suits are a great bet for androgynous looks

2. Before seen as masculine, tailoring is very neutral

3. Make the look mega stylish

4. You can mix male and female elements

5. Looks great!

6. The boot with the shirt was a hit!

7. This leather model gave even more personality to the look

8. Androgynous looks are fashion darlings

9. And can express who you are

10. Street style also has great pieces for androgynous

11. Isn’t it?

12. Blending the best of masculine and feminine

13. It could only result in amazing looks

14. Just as the pants mark the look of women, the skirt represents a lot for men

15. And it brings out the best in you!

In addition to identifying with androgyny, you can benefit from this incredible style that unites numerous trends and representation. Mount your look now with a beautiful feminine suspender!

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