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American Woman Performs Incredible Wing Transplants on Butterflies Injured About to Be Euthanized

Katie Van Blaricum is a professor at the Zoo and Conservation Center in Topeka, Arkansas, United States. She also owns Insect Art, a shop dedicated to the aesthetic assembly and display of insects. Katie became known shortly after sharing the process of transplanting one of the wings of a butterfly, which went from being injured to being able to fly again.

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The American became known on social networks shortly after sharing the process of “surgery” on a butterfly’s wing

The butterfly Katie rescued was about to be put down, so she was contacted so she could repair one of its wings, which a college student accidentally fractured.

Soon after her successful intervention, she started seeing more “patients”

In the same audiovisual material, 2 major steps of the transplant are explained; cut the damaged part of the wing and use a special glue for replacement

According to an interview, the young woman saved the lives of at least 5 butterflies with her method

On the other hand, his Insect Art shop receives real, dried insects from all over the world, to be rehydrated and to make them pliable again.

He also creates jewelry with some already dried insects, a process that can take “several days” to obtain a unique result.

Katie claims that her main inspiration was Steve Irwin (famous crocodile hunter), because he made the world love the despised animals.

She hopes that thanks to the popularity gained, more people will understand that insect conservation is very important.

He also considers that the threats to insects are industrial pesticides, and that is why he has been working for more than 10 years to rehabilitate these small

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