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Allan Kardec’s Spiritist Prayers – Blog

Allan Kardec was the decoder of spiritism. After much studying supernatural events and receiving messages, he gathered what he discovered in the Spiritist Doctrine that preaches values ​​such as charity, the Law of Return and the importance of praying. At spiritist prayers that Allan Kardec and other leaders indicate, talk about balance, protection, good and love to everyone around them. Learn one of these prayers below.

Prayer to Guardian Angels – Spiritist Prayers by Allan Kardec

“Wise and benevolent spirits, messengers of God, whose mission is to assist men and lead them along the right path. Support me in the trials of this life; give me the strength to suffer them without regrets; divert evil thoughts from me, and make sure that I do not give access to any of the evil spirits who would try to induce me to evil. Clarify my conscience about my own faults, and remove from my eyes the veil of pride, which could prevent me from perceiving them and from confessing them to myself. You, above all, my Guardian Angel, who watch over me more particularly, and all you, Protective Spirits, who are interested in me, make me worthy of your benevolence. You know my needs; let them be satisfied according to the will of God.

My God, allow the Good Spirits who assist me to help me, when I find myself in difficulties, and support me in my vacillations. Lord, may they inspire me with faith, hope and charity, may they be a support, a hope and a proof of your mercy for me. Finally, make me find in them the strength that I lack in the trials of life, and to resist the suggestions of evil, the faith that saves and the love that consoles.

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Beloved Spirits, Guardian Angels, you, whom God in his infinite mercy allows to watch over men, be our support in the trials of this earthly life. Give us strength, courage and resignation; inspire us on the path of good, stopping us on the slope of evil; may your sweet influence permeate our souls; make us feel the presence, by our side, of a devout friend, who assists our sufferings and shares in our joys. And you, my Good Angel, never abandon me. I need all your protection, to endure with faith and love the trials that God wants to send me.

do this spiritist prayer by Allan Kardec every night or morning to ask for faith and strength to face life’s challenges. Always feel accompanied and supported by the forces of the Universe.

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