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ALL about the Shamanic Horoscope – See which animal you are

O Shamanic Horoscope emerged from the idea that everything present in nature is part of a single thing. Thus, the belief asserts that minerals, animals and men are intertwined in the same bond. It originated with sorcerers, which is why an animal is assigned a certain period, according to each person’s date of birth. Want to know more about it? Check the text below!

Understand the personality of each shamanic horoscope sign

It is possible to say that the Shamanic Horoscope was born from this belief and in it there are totems and animals that are a symbology linked to the cycles of nature. See below the characteristics of each native of this horoscope.

GOOSE (from 12/21 to 01/20) – Individuals ruled by the Shamanic Horoscope sign of the goose are usually strict and strict when there are questions related to morals and ethics. They rejoice in the new and the unknown, are perfectionists and are into any activity that looks promising. They are ambitious and single-minded, focused and persevering. What they lack is a dose of humor to have more balance and color in their lives.

OTTER (FROM 01/21 TO 02/20) – People born under the sign of the otter are happy and take the reins when they must fight and protect the weak. Pioneers and creatives, they are lovers of the truth, they include their friends in everything they do, as they cannot live without them. Somewhat liberal and modern, they are open-minded and can be a little rebellious, although this does not influence their hearts.

LOBO (FROM 02/21 TO 03/20) – In the Shamanic Horoscope, wolves are generous, trustworthy and free, they have sincere feelings for those they love, putting that love above anything else. Natives of this sign never deny help and are always willing to reach out to those in need. They are very sensitive and full of compassion.

FALCÃO (from 03/21 to 04/20) – The natives ruled by the hawk adapt easily and are very open and intuitive. They are leaders, possessing the gift of commanding voice, always thinking about the well-being and enthusiasm of the group, but they must be careful not to take impulsive actions.

BEAVER (FROM 04/21 TO 05/20) – In the Shamanic Horoscope, natives under the sign of the beaver are affectionate, practical and with a persevering sense. They are also very persistent when they crave something. They don’t give up easily, and in the material world they find the security they need. They seek peace and harmony during life. Their possessive traits remain in love, but are balanced by dedication and affection.

DEER (FROM 05/21 TO 06/20) – Deer are elegant, proud, strong, and sometimes even aggressive. Material stability for them is like a way to keep themselves happy. They are very unstable in love and easily lose interest. They like novelty and easily discard what no longer serves them. They hide a great fear of change, but they love challenges.

PICA-PAU (FROM 06/21 TO 07/20) – In the Shamanic Horoscope, the natives of this sign carry an intense feeling for the human being. Affective and affectionate with everyone: nature, animals and human beings. They have a tendency to constantly sacrifice themselves for the people they love and are sympathetic in relationships. Motherhood and romanticism make them lose their sense of reality. Their sensitivity also extends when it comes to the heart.

SALMON (FROM 07/21 TO 08/20) – Inside their homes, they feel warm and welcomed, they are generous and sensitive. The life goal of the natives of this sign is to leave harmony in their midst. They like to shine and are easily irritated when ignored, have a very unstable mood and like to be noticed. They feel good in the role of leader, as they are self-assured and enthusiastic. They are loving and, in love, they seek to learn to find emotional balance, as they are sometimes aggressive. In love, they are passionate and even possessive.

BEAR (8/21 TO 9/20) – In the Shamanic Horoscope, the bear represents practical people, with a desire for independence, who do not have much emotional reaction, are rational. They criticize everything and everyone, because they crave perfection, including their own. Demanding and hardworking, they are loyal and kind. They are uncomfortable with changes, they like routine. They are demanding even in love, but they cannot show feelings, they are somewhat repressed.

RAVEN (from 9/21 to 10/20) – Those born under the raven sign are intelligent and mystical, quiet and nature-loving. They don’t like to have doubts and they love to be with people, because loneliness is a constant and present fear. They are usually kind, but can often be moody. They like to unite opposites and harmonize things. They are influenced by their partner’s desires in love, but strong and sensitive.

SERPENT (10/21 TO 11/20) – Individuals ruled by this sign have an intense desire to control. They have a dark side. They are mysterious, sensitive and a little obsessive. They are cold, because they are reserved, even in difficult situations. They suffer in silence, for they are too sensitive. Very patient, they know the right moment to defend themselves. They are reserved in love, active, intense and faithful, always attentive to their companions.

OWL (11/21 TO 12/20) – They are intelligent and resolve arguments with conversation. They are born observers, in the Shamanic Horoscope, people born under the owl sign are detail-oriented and demanding, seeking perfection. As they have a great desire for knowledge, they are sometimes harsh, but brave and decisive. They seek freedom in love, they like the exotic and thinking different from the common.

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