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All 151 Pokémon from ‘Pokémon Go’, ranked

Pokémon Go finally arrived in Brazil and, of course, quickly became a phenomenon, just as it was in the countries where it was previously released. Fun, interesting and nostalgic, the game is worth all the hype🇧🇷

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The only annoying thing? Having to walk a lot to find the rarest monsters. And, obviously, the more difficult a Pokemon is to catch, the more valuable it is. Below, a totally subjective ranking on the experience of capturing them.

We have to get it!

151. Zubat.

Get out, Zubat.

150. Rattata

Some, Rattata!

149. Pidgey

Fuck off, Pidgey…

148. Spearow

Nobody cares about you, Spearow!

147. Nidoran (male)

Another pokémon that is everywhere and nobody cares.

146. Nidoran (female)

The same goes for the female version.

145. Golden

Cute, cute, but also easily found.

144. Sandshrew

Is he an armadillo?

143. Kakuna

It makes me sad to think that you spent so much time getting him to evolve into a Beedrill…

142. Krabby

A crab. It’s everywhere.

141. Poliwag

Cute but ordinary: it appears everywhere.

140. Paras

Weak, ordinary, uninteresting… Shimejis are better.

139. Pidgeotto

Any average pokémon trainer should already have four Pidgeottos.

138. Geodude

What’s most impressive about him, aside from becoming a stone turtle, is that he can fly. Unfortunately, it can also be found on every corner.

137. jynx

Far from people wanting to problematize pokémon, but already problematizing: Jynx is racist, yes. Although, in the last updates, Nintendo changed his face color to purple, he still remains that pokémon that resembled a person doing blackface🇧🇷

136. Raticate

One word: disgust.

135. Horse

It came from the sea, but it can be found around any corner.

134. weedle

One more from the series: nobody cares.

133. Caterpie

Remember: one day it will be butterfree.

132. See

A pokemon seal. <3

131. Golbat

Get out, Golbat.

130. Cubone

There’s no way: we are always moved by sad life stories.

129. Metapod

One day it will be butterfree, one day it will be butterfree, one day it will be butterfree.

128. Kabuto

A legendary beetle. Nothing more than that.

127. Bellsprout

What were the Pokemon creators using when they came up with the idea for a walking plant?

126. Pidgeot

That pokémon that is “pigeon type”.

125. Venonat

How cute, so approachable, like a little flea.

124. Clefairy

She came from outer space to do this kind of thing. <3

123. Machop

“Here is bodybuilder”.

122. Oddish

Like a Bellsprout only fluffier.

121. Staryu

A starfish with psychic powers. We respect.

120. Koffing

A ball of gas. He only has some recognition for being a member of Team Rocket.

119. Exeggcute

How many eggs can you make a Pokemon?

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118. Ekans

In good English: SNAKE.

117 and 116. Nidorina and Nidorino.

They are not as hard to find as they seem.

115. Poliwhirl

A fighting frog, is there anything more unusual? Exists.

114. Diglett

Does anyone have a sledgehammer?

113. parasect

Slightly (but only slightly) more interesting than Paras. Which doesn’t mean much.

112. Fearow

Make no mistake: it looks mighty, but it’s about as easy to get hold of as a Golbat.

111. Doduo

The Siamese twins from Pokémon.

110. Hunter

Purple Gaspar.

109. Tentacool

It’s like the crazy monkey from “The Powerpuff Girls”, except he’s a mollusk and can hardly survive out of water.

108. Exeggutor

What happens when eggs become coconut trees.

107. Seaking

The true king of the seas we know very well is Gyarados.

106. Dugtrio

Three heads = three personalities. One of the most gifted Pokémon in the universe.

105. Beedrill


104. Porygon

It looks like it’s rare, but it only looks like it, see? There are Porygon almost everywhere.

103. Psyduck

Nobody can blame the poor pokémon: migraines really are one of the worst things in the world. The good part is that he can turn pain into power. Very good!

102. Raichu

Because whoever was born to be Pikachu will never want to be Raichu.

101. Insert

The famous case of the Pokémon that looks strong, but is easily found on Brazilian street corners.

100. Clefable

Clefairy with wings.

99. Magikarp

Didn’t want me when I was Magicarp, won’t have me when I’m Gyarados.

98. Arbok

In good Karhashian Portuguese: KOBRA.

97. Gengar

He gives you the creeps, but he has an excellent sense of humor.

96. Tangela

It is not that difficult to be found, but it is still a victory to capture such a peculiar animal.

95. Gloom

The ~stinky mary~ of Pokémon.

94. Dodrio

Three is too much.

93. Shellder

The smaller the shell, the better the pearl…

92. Aerodactyl

When Pokémon meets “Jurassic Park”.

91. Wigglytuff

Very sad that this is the incomparable evolution of Jigglypuff. Proof that things don’t always change for the better.

90. Nidoking


89. Magnemite

Another pokémon similar to pikachu, but ugly.

88. Hitmonchan

When someone goes to the gym and only works out their arms.

87. Victreebel

It’s a Weepinbell with less charisma.

86. Magmar

If he had been in the “Suicide Squad” he could have saved the film.

85. Starmie

The evolution of a starfish with psychic powers. We respect even more.

84. Nidoqueen

Nidoqueen Rainha, Xuxa nadinha.

83. Muk

Poisonous goo! It must be fun to have one of these in real life, but in the Pokemon universe it’s another pigeon-type monster.

82. Machamp

“The monster is coming out of the cage”.

81. Venomoth

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Like a Butterfree only less cool.

80. Grimer

A creature that appears to have been formed from polluted rivers. Very real life.

79. Graveler

It’s almost a stone turtle, but it’s not yet.

78. Weezing

Oh, I miss Team Rocket!

77. Tentacruel

A “Stranger Things” vibe, don’t you think?

76. Golduck

He is a blue duck and an excellent runner. Takes work when capturing!

75. Mankey

Is there anything more genius than a fighting monkey?

Continues after advertising

74. Kingler

It should be wonderful with salt and pepper.

73. Farfetch’d

Farfetch’d grabs that stalk with whoever grabs the salary on the 5th. It’s ours.

72. Gastly

Seriously, there’s no way to hate this pokémon.

71. Electrode

An even more pokeball pokémon.

70. Weepinbell

It’s a Victreebel with more charisma.

69. Poliwrath

Didn’t they ever tell him white gloves only if you’re the bride?

68. Electabuzz

Despite being a Pikachu that didn’t work out, it’s pretty hard to see an Electabuzz out there.

67. Hypno

The Walter Mercado of pokemons.

66. Voltorb

A pokémon that looks like a pokéball and one of the worst things a GameBoy player could encounter.

65. Growlithe

To put a little star in the Pokémon Go pokédex. So cute!

64. Slowpoke

The best thing about him is that it takes him five seconds to realize when he’s attacked.

63. Persian

Basically a less nice cat than Meowth.

62. Meowth

A talking cat. This is awesome!

61. Mr. pamper

One of the weirdest Pokémon Nintendo could have created. Which is? A pokemon mime?

60. Slowbro

So lazy that it can only evolve after a Shellder sticks to its tail. Too much!

59. Onyx

A giant snake made of stones. OMG!

58. Golem

A tortoise made of stone with unbelievable strength. The kind of thing only Pokémon could provide.

57. Scyther

When you find a praying mantis with blades for paws the rule is clear: you have to catch it.

56. Vileplume

Don’t be fooled by its cute face: Vileplume is one of the meanest – and most smelly – pokemons.

55. Seadra

It’s the equivalent of Spider-Man’s transformation to Venom in the pokemon universe.

54. Magneton

Remember when your mother told you not to put your finger in the socket? That’s what happens when a shot comes to life.

53. butterfree.

Proof that everyone can improve – even a Caterpie.

52. Open.


51. Alakazam


50. Kadabra

of Pokémon.

49. Taurus

Every cowboy’s terror.

48. Primeape

A fighting monkey even more nervous than the Mankey. Great.

47. Cloyster

When the prophecy that the best pearls are in the smallest oysters comes true.

46. ​​Bidding

It’s an eternal dog in front of the bakery chicken.

45. Chansey

Someone needs to be Nurse Joy’s assistant.

44. Sandslash

A hedgehog that looks like Sonic.

43. Omanyte

It looks ordinary (an ordinary Zubat type), but it is actually a revived fossil.

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42. Omastar

It looks ordinary (a common Zubat type), but it is actually the evolution of a revived fossil. Hard to find.

41. Venusaur

Bulbasaur is getting richer and richer, he is very powerful.

40. Wartortle

A pokémon without much hype, but that caused this here.

39. Rapidash

In case the fire horse had an evolution.

38. Ivysaur

It is the middle sibling without the temperament of a Charmeleon.

37. Marowak

When Pokemon meets The Flintstones.

36. Hitmonlee

When someone goes to the gym and only works out their legs.

35. Rhyhorn

A stone rhino. Lucky whoever manages to catch him.

34. Machoke

“That’s what we’re looking for: descending trapeze”.

33. Rhydon

A stone dragon rhinoceros.

32. Kangaskhan

A kangaroo! You can’t hate a kangaroo.

31. Kabutops

That’s why insect pokemon are so fabulous. Nobody cares so much, for example, for a Kabuto, but when you realize that he is going to become a Kabutops, then it seems that the tables have turned.

30. Drowzee

It’s a Hypno that doesn’t take itself seriously.

29. Dewgong

What do you mean there is an even cuter pokémon than Seel?

28. Arcanine

It’s like that cat that when you realize it’s already looking like a tiger.

27. Moltres

Phoenix is ​​not so hype anymore. Anyway, if you find one, get it!

26. Dratini

The first step to getting a Dragonite.

25. Ditto

Ditto can transform into anything: including his pokémon trainer. Have you thought about sending him to school instead of him?

24. Ponyta

Fire Horse. Remember?

23. Blastoise

Sure, it’s not as cool as a Squirtle, but it’s still a battle tank pokémon. A POKÉMON-TANK OF WAR.

22. Zapdos

The almighty legendary bird.

21. jigglypuff

Perhaps the second most iconic pokémon (second only to Pikachu, of course), Jigglypuff is a singing fairy and this is the main information about her. Oh, she puts people to sleep and gets really pissed off when that happens. GENIUS.

20. Charmeleon

Do you know middle brother? So this is Charmeleon.

19. Vulpix

One day he will be a Ninetales.

18. Article

How can you not love legendary Pokemon?

17. Lapras

The dream of any water pokemon trainer.

16. Snorlax

His two main activities are eating and sleeping. Impossible not to roll an ID.

15. Flareon

The weakest of the Eeveelutions, which doesn’t mean we don’t want one.

14. Jolteon

An Eevee with electric needles. Too much!


It’s like dating a very beautiful person: it’s too good to be true.

12. Bulbasaur

It’s as easy to find as a Zubat (okay, not so much), but it’s impossible to describe the joy you feel when catching it.

11. Squirtle

After this episode, there’s no way not to find Squirtle the coolest pokémon of all.


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