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Alectomy: learn more about the surgery and its precautions

Alectomy is a plastic surgery recommended for women who feel uncomfortable with their nose. However, unlike rhinoplasty, alectomy is specific for those who want to reduce the opening of the nostrils. To clear all your doubts, check out what the plastic surgeon at Hospital Albert Sabin in SP, Tatiana Moura (CRM 100790) and the plastic surgeon Juliano Pereira (CRM 141574) said on the subject:

What is alectomy

According to Tatiana, “alectomy is a definitive surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the nasal wings (portion of skin and cartilage that make up the upper and lateral portion of the nostrils)”. Juliano adds: “it is a term popularly used for the resection of excess nasal wings. Unlike other procedures, such as lip fillers and facial harmonization, alectomy is definitely surgical, so there is no possible reversal.” Costs can vary greatly, depending on where it is performed (office or hospital) and whether local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia is used.

What are the risks of surgery

Dr. Juliano explains that it is necessary to understand that alectomy is a surgery performed within the anatomy of the nose. He continues: “the indication must be very precise and rigorous, as it can bring aesthetic and functional damage to the patient’s nose. In patients who really have an excess of nasal ala cartilage, resection is possible and recommended, however, other aesthetic and functional issues in the region need to be evaluated.” The surgeon cited as an example the thicker nasal tip, the surgery can cause a worsening in this aesthetic aspect of the nose and difficulty breathing in the functional issue, when the nasal opening is strangled.

The surgeon also commented on imagining the nose as a triangle. “If the sides decrease, the tip can be enlarged.” He also spoke of ethnic issues: “what brings the result of a beautiful nose is respect for the ethnic characteristics of each patient. It is necessary to respect the peculiarities of each person and this is also important in planning the surgery.” Keep following the article to learn more about the surgery and how your recovery is.

The pre and post operative of alectomy surgery

Both surgeons also explained about the pre and post operative period of alectomy. They are simple care, but important to obtain the result desired by the patient.

The preoperative

According to the plastic surgeon, in the preoperative period an interview is carried out with the patient, to ascertain their expectations and respiratory complaints. Then, “general examinations and precise and clear guidelines are given.” Juliano added: “Within the preoperative diagnosis, we need to assess the patient’s ethnic condition in addition to the constitutional structures of the nose. There are noses with a wider tip, or a wider wing, and you have to make that consideration.” As for the preoperative tests requested, they include blood and urine tests and examining the sinuses to check for systemic or respiratory tract infections.

the postoperative

The post-op is not a big secret, according to Tatiana, it consists of “simple care for the scars, use of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication and assessment of respiratory function.” According to Juliano, follow-up tests are also requested to check for the presence of infections.

As you can see, alectomy is a simple pre- and post-op surgery, but it is always important to know which professional to count on at this time. Read on to see what surgeons have explained about this.

The importance of a good professional

Tatiana made it clear that only specialists can perform the surgery, mainly because of the aesthetic and functional risk. Not to mention the importance of talking to the patient and understanding what he expects. According to the doctor, “this procedure should be performed by medical professionals familiar with the anatomical and functional issue of the nose, usually plastic surgeons and ENTs.” Dr. Juliano quoted the same professionals and included: “remembering that this is a surgical procedure and not strictly aesthetic. The other functional units of the nose need to be properly studied and evaluated for a better result. In addition, in case of complications, the otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon are the professionals qualified to correct the problems.”

Did you imagine that alectomy worked this way? Always talk to a plastic surgeon you trust to clear all doubts and only then book the procedure. Then, enjoy and also check out the article on rhinomodeling, if plastic surgery is not your choice.

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