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After the soap opera Ruby won a North American version, we compared the beautiful casts

Ambition, sensuality and desire. Impactful themes for those who enjoy a good teledramaturgy. And these are exactly the characteristics of the Mexican soap opera Ruby (2004). The story, by the way, is so good that it has already yielded a remake miniseries (2020) by the American broadcaster Univision.

On account of this, the awesome.club invites you to meet the stars who played the same characters in each of the two aforementioned productions — and with the right to a bonus full of curiosities about these and two more versions of the story, one of them recorded in the Philippines!

The beautiful actresses Bárbara Mori and Camila Sodi played the unforgettable and calculating muse Ruby in the 2004 and 2020 productions. Bárbara continues to delight viewers in soap operas and films, such as Two Lunas and La Negotiator (both untranslated)🇧🇷 Camila, niece of renowned singer Thalía, has been on TV for less time, but is not far behind. It’s been more than fifteen years of career.

With a long career in television since the 90’s, the star Eduardo Santamarina acted in several Mexican productions that were shown in Brazil, such as friends and rivals and Triumph of Love🇧🇷 In this “race”, actor José Ron is not left behind, as he participated in Rebel and when i fall in love🇧🇷 In Rubyboth gave life to the heartthrob who fell in love with the protagonist.

The heartthrobs, by the way, took a picture together and were surprised by the similarity

The young millionaire and sweet who ends up becoming Ruby’s friend is played by the stars Jacqueline Bracamontes and Kimberly dos Ramos, respectively. Both have a consolidated career in television, but Jacqueline is better known to the Brazilian public, as she acted in the productions Wounds of Love🇧🇷 Fools Don’t Go to Heaven and spell🇧🇷

Marlene Favela and Alejandra Espinoza give life to one of the protagonist’s enemies. Marlene is known among Brazilians for having acted in highly successful Mexican telenovelas, such as for your love and On the Edge of Passion🇧🇷 Regarding the new version of RubyAlejandra said, in an interview, that she felt blessed to have participated.

Luis Gatica and Antonio Fortier bring to life the great love of Ruby’s sister, Cristina Peres. In fact, both are dear “figures” of Brazilians for their performances in the soap opera. What Life Stole From Me in addition to other Mexican productions in which they participated and which arrived in Brazil through SBT.

Bonus: versions of the story about the ambitious Ruby

In 1968, Televisa premiered the first edition of the soap opera

The famous remake of Ruby in Brazil hit the screens in 2004

Due to the worldwide success, a version of the soap opera was produced in the Philippines in 2010.

In 2020, Ruby’s story gets an American miniseries

Among the comparisons in the post, which one did you think was the most similar? And which one has the least similarity? Did you ever watch the Mexican soap opera Ruby? If so, did you like the plot? Tell in the comments!

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