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After Barbie, Ken doll gains new body types and ethnicity

After Barbie gaining three body types – curvy, short and tall – in October last year, the Mattel also decided to change the look of the Ken🇧🇷 This Tuesday (20), the manufacturer announced the launch of 15 new dolls.

According to the brand, the line fashionistas now includes 15 never-before-seen versions of Ken with three body types – slim and athletic, plus the original -, seven skin tones, eight hair colors, nine hairstyles – there’s even man bun🇧🇷 – and modern attire, ranging from casual wear to sportswear.

“Evolving Ken was a natural fit for the brand’s development and allows children to further customize Ken’s role in the Barbie world,” he said. Lisa McKnightSenior Vice President and General Manager of Barbie, in a press release.

In addition to Ken, Mattel also presents novelties for Barbie: the Fashionistas line has won 24 dolls of different styles:

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