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Afro puff: get inspired and learn how to make this amazing hairstyle

The afro puff is a hairstyle that curly people use a lot on a daily basis, especially on the day after. It looks a bit like a pineapple bun, but works best on curly hair. We have prepared a list of inspirations for this hairstyle and tips for you to do it at home. Check out!

55 afro puff hairstyles to fall in love with

We separate amazing inspirations for this hairstyle for you to be inspired and choose your favorite. Check out:

1. The afro puff is a great option for the day after

2. Or for those days when your hair isn’t so perfect

3. The hairstyle enhances the volume of the strands

4. Accessories give a different look to the hairstyle

5. Tiaras, flowers or even barrettes can make the hairstyle more amazing

6. Even being used on bad hair days, the afro puff is also an option for outings

7. The double puff afro became a trend

8. Look at this double puff afro inspiration to rock

9. It’s about falling in love, isn’t it?

10. The afro puff hairstyle is very easy to do

11. And it can be the wildcard hairstyle for some occasions

12. This hairstyle enhances the face and you can combine it with a powerful make-up

13. It can be confused with pineapple bun, but the texture is quite different

14. With root braids, the hairstyle is more original

15. With a topknot, it looks perfect

16. A versatile and very beautiful hairstyle

17. Look what an incredible inspiration for the day of the afro puff with a scarf

18. The more volume, the better

19. It can come lower, like a fallen bun

20. Or it can be pretty loud

21. Having a fringe

22. Look how amazing the undercut looks with this hairstyle

23. Who said that the afro puff can’t be used on more chic occasions?

24. The hairstyle can be a great ally for those who are in the hair transition

25. The afro puff hairstyle also suits short hair

26. He is very quick to make and goes well on any occasion.

27. Just amazing this hairstyle

28. It is an option to help with hair care

29. In addition to making you even more beautiful

30. Yes, we are in love with this hairstyle

31. The afro puff conquered the curly ones

32. Whether for 3C hair

33. Or a hair type 4

34. It adapts very well to curly hair

35. And it can make a difference in the look

36. Leaving a strand out is an option that gives extra charm

37. This hairstyle has many variations

38. But the basics can be awesome too

39. He’ll Make You Powerful

40. Afro puffs are on the rise

41. And they will make a difference in your look

42. He can be stylish

43. Have an extra charm

44. It can be single, but double

45. A sunflower in the hairstyle looks like a good choice

46. ​​Using baby hair to make the hairstyle more beautiful and stylish is a great option

47. Put all your style into the hairstyle

48. Wear your favorite look

49. Even if it’s to stay at home and take those amazing photos

50. Afro puffs are wonderful hairstyles

51. And they’ll make you fall in love

52. As you’ve seen, the afro puff has a lot of versatility

53. In addition to having some variations

54. It’s a simple hairstyle, but full of personality

55. That will enhance your look and the volume of your hair

Yes, the afro puff is a hairstyle full of style and personality. With these inspirations, it is even easier to fall in love with him and adopt him in your daily life.

How to make afro puff: tips and tutorials

Despite being easy to make, the afro puff requires some care. That’s why we’ve prepared great tips and tutorials for you to learn how to do the hairstyle yourself.

3 ways to make the afro puff

In addition to learning how to do the hairstyle, how about knowing its variations? The video teaches three ways to make the hairstyle easily and quickly to give that valued hair.

Afro puff for short hair

Short hair curls can also do the hairstyle, see? The video above teaches you how to make this hairstyle with a fork comb, simply and quickly.

Afro puff with appliqué

How about giving the hairstyle a variety and putting an application? The technique is a little more complicated as it requires cutting and sewing. But it is a great idea for those who want a more voluminous and flashy hairstyle.

Despite being simple, the afro puff is a very interesting curly hairstyle for different occasions. Easy to make and very beautiful! Take the opportunity to check out other hairstyles for curly hair to rock your looks.

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