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Activities for Children’s Day

On Children’s Day, many mothers want to innovate activities to spend quality time and family fun, but thinking about activities alone is not an easy task.

In view of this, we have listed some ideas for fun activities for children so that you will no longer have to suffer trying to control the little ones as they run around looking for something to do.

1 – Manual Activities

Manual activities can be quite involving and offer a unique opportunity for interaction and rapprochement between parents and children. While you keep your hands full, you can talk about various topics and have fun together.

The only negative point of manual work is perhaps the fact that it requires preparation of parents for certain activities, such as origami, and also because you need to have the materials at home to put these ideas into practice.

In the end, the work it takes is very small compared to the fun it provides. Here are some suggestions for crafts to do on Children’s Day that you can change and adapt to your family’s reality:

  • Paint with paint, crayons or crayons – every child loves it and you can use themed figures;
  • Make origami in different shapes, colors and sizes;
  • Cut and paste images from magazines to make a panel of things kids like;
  • Create your own jigsaw puzzles with family photos.

The next step is to get the materials for the chosen game and get ready for the fun on Children’s Day.

2 – Home cinema

Having a family movie session at home is sure to be a lot of fun and maybe a lot of mess too. Gather the kids and select some movies to watch. After the movies, do role-plays to guess which scene it’s about – you’ll certainly have a lot of laughs together.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to make popcorn from the movie session with your child or any other delicacy they want to taste during the movie. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great option, because it’s much cheaper than going to a real movie theater and you can still feel more comfortable and do different activities.

3 – Family outing

This is an option for those who have children who are already able to behave well in public and who like to walk around to visit and get to know different places. You can take advantage of the date to take your child somewhere he’s spent all year asking and you never had time.

However, be careful with prices in places like parks and zoos because they can be higher on children’s day in addition to being with a greater volume of people. Keep an eye on your child so you don’t lose sight of him and make a deal about the walk before you leave the house.

4 – Hunt for the present

If you bought a souvenir for your child for Children’s Day, prepare a treasure hunt-style game for him to find the gift in a fun way.

If your child already knows how to read, write tips for him to get closer and closer to the present until he finds it. If you don’t know how to read yet, hide colored papers in place of the tips and as he says the color, you read the tip to him. Say “hot” or “warm” when approaching the present and “cold” when moving away from the present.

5 – Picnic and/or camping

Children love picnics and camping trips. If it’s raining, don’t worry. Assemble the picnic basket and prepare the sheets for camping in the living room of your house. Surely your children won’t mind playing inside the apartment and fun is guaranteed.

However, if it’s a beautiful sunny day, why not take the bikes, fill the basket and head to a park for a children’s picnic? Just be careful with the ants so they don’t attack your little ones and don’t take the food away.

Use and mix our suggestions to create a unique and very special Children’s Day for you and your child. A day that maybe even without a gift doesn’t miss the magic of this very special day.

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