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9 temaki recipes for those who are passionate about Asian food

Of Japanese origin, temaki conquered Brazilians and is here to stay. Thanks to its diversity of preparations, this Asian food pleases different palates: from those who are not so fond of fish to those who are passionate about this type of meat. How about learning how to make this delight in your house? Check out these recipes and enjoy!

salmon temaki

A great option for those who are starting to prepare tamakis, this video teaches you step-by-step how to make a very basic recipe. You will only need rice, nori sheet and salmon. Already the right way to prepare you check it out in the video!

temaki philadelphia

One of the most popular temakis, the philadelphia takes cream cheese in its preparation, which goes well with oriental recipes, especially with salmon! In this video, you learn how to cut fish the right way for this type of consumption. Very practical!

Grilled Salmon Temaki

If you are from the team of people who don’t like raw fish, then the tip is to bet on grilled salmon temaki. Prepare the meat the way you prefer before assembling and delight in an explosion of flavors!

Salmon tartar temaki

Mega refined, this option is made with salmon tartar, a very sophisticated and highly appreciated type of raw meat preparation. You can season the fish the way you prefer, but the tip is to caprichar in the lemon and chopped parsley.

hot temaki philadelphia

A mix of temaki and hot roll, this version is perfect for those who love to innovate! And for the recipe to be perfect, you need to be aware of some specific steps when frying, ok? So, watch the video and learn how to make this delight.

Hot salmon temaki with kani

Another option for lovers of fried food, this recipe takes a simple ingredient, but that makes all the difference in the final flavor of the food: the kani! For those who are not familiar, kani is nothing more than a processed made with different processed seafood and fish.

Vegan pops temaki

Of course vegans would not be left out of this list! And to replace the fish, pops made from white shimeji mushrooms come into play, lending a spectacular flavor to the recipe. Were you curious? So, watch the video!

vegan temaki

Anyone who thinks vegans don’t have a lot of delicious food options is very wrong – and this video is proof of that! With the right ingredients in hand, you can prepare delicious temaki without a single ingredient of animal origin. Amazing, isn’t it?

torched temaki

To close with a flourish, how about learning how to prepare a temaki that will make everyone’s mouth water? Here, the salmon itself is used to wrap the rice and stuffing. The finishing, of course, is on account of the good old blowtorch!

Did you see how preparing a temaki can be a much simpler task than you imagine? So, how about continuing to venture into Asian cuisine and making delicious sushi?

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