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9 reasons to date a bald man

The song already said: it’s the bald ones they like the most. And there are even those who guarantee that they are the best boyfriends! But, is this true?

For many men, hair loss is inevitable and, at first, it can be a very uncomfortable situation. Marianne Lesur is Douglas Amadeu’s girlfriend, an open bald man! According to her, it took years for her boyfriend to accept the situation.

But it is necessary to deal with this fact naturally. And more: men can come to see an advantage in this! Marianne loved the result when Douglas decided to ditch the cap and take on the bald spot for good!

Check below 7 reasons that will make you understand why dating a bald guy can be a great idea!

1. They save money on hair products

Every woman knows that hair products are expensive! And, depending on hair type, length or season, a lot of product can be used. So, think on the bright side: if the guy saves on this, she’ll have more money to spend on you!

2. They get ready faster

With bald people, there is no concern of “how is my hair today?”. No need to wash, dry, or apply gel: the bald ones wake up tidy and come out of the shower ready for the party!

3. Excited in bed

This theory is not confirmed yet, but there are assumptions that the more testosterone a man has, the thinner his hair, and also the greater his sexual desire. So… what would be more important?

4. Bald people are more confident

A survey at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that bald men are seen as more dominant, confident and masculine men than men with hair. They still give the impression of men with a leadership profile.

5. The face starts to draw more attention

Beautiful eyes? Big mouth? Long eyelashes? While all these attributes go unnoticed in a hairy man, in bald men they become much more evident! Marianne Lesur confirms: her boyfriend’s smile started to stand out much more after he shaved his head! Baldness prevents attention from being lost to the hair, and the individual’s facial features gain much more emphasis.

6. They become more conceited

As they don’t need to take care of their hair, they can worry more about other details. Skin care, such as the use of sunscreen, become even more important! For attracting more attention, the beard is also usually up to date.

7. They’re better at sports

Whether this is an important factor or not is up to you. But, stop and analyze: the great athletes are bald! Anderson Silva, Zinedine Zidane, Fernando Scherer, Michael Jordan are just a few examples. Why is not known, but this seems like an interesting factor to add to this list, doesn’t it?

8. Your chance of prostate cancer is lower

Studies indicate that men who lose their hair early are about 45% less likely to get prostate cancer than men who continue to have a full head of hair for the rest of their lives. Is this a big plus or not?

9. They look great in a hat

Nobody knows how to wear a hat like a bald man. It’s as if, when their hair falls out, they have a special license to wear the hat without looking strange. And, on one thing you must agree: men wearing hats are very charming!

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