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9 Latina Women Who Won the Hearts of European Royalty

European royal houses are as old as they are members, and believe it or not, people from Latin America make that list too. Fairy tales with princes and princesses came true for these Latin women, who, because of their beauty and intelligence, won the heart of a royal aristocrat. But they are not only companions in their husbands’ royal tasks, they also participate in solidarity actions for their kingdoms and some even have their own jobs.

We, from awesome.club, we want to introduce you to these Latin women who not only captured the hearts of members of the royal families, but also those of the subjects of the countries that welcomed them. Check out!

1. Alessandra de Osma

Alessandra de Osma is a Peruvian lawyer and model who, in 2018, married Christian de Hannover. They met in 2005, in Lima, Peru, when the prince was visiting the city and she was his tour guide. Since then, they became friends until they decided to make their relationship official in 2012. As already mentioned, they got married in 2018 and, far from palaces and royal churches, the ceremony was held at the Minor Basilica and Convent of São Pedro, in their hometown by Alessandra, but without losing the glamor of a wedding of this magnitude. They currently live in Madrid and are waiting for the birth of their twin children.

2. Bourbon Margarita

3. Tatiana from Greece and Denmark

Tatiana Blatnik, a Venezuelan public relations adviser, married Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark in 2010. Although she was born in the South American country, she moved to Switzerland when she was still a child. She won the affection of the Greek people and participates in various social actions: she collaborates with the Red Cross, co-founded the Elpida Youth Foundation for children with cancer and even launched the Greek cookbook A Taste of Greece: Recipes, Cuisine & Culture in free translation🇧🇷whose resources are destined to an NGO called Boroume, which provides food to needy families.

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4. Tatiana de Casiraghi

Tatiana Santo Domingo is a businesswoman of Colombian and Brazilian descent, married to Andrea Casiraghi, son of Carolina de Monaco and nephew of the current sovereign of the Principality of Monaco. Although Tatiana was educated in Geneva and Paris, she regularly traveled to Colombia to visit her family. In 2012, she created the fashion brand Muzungu Sisterswhich sells clothes with indigenous handcrafted designs and also collaborates with different charitable causes.

5. Maxim of the Netherlands

Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti has been Queen Consort of the Netherlands (informally known as the Netherlands) since 2013, after her husband, King William Alexander, took the throne. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires and graduated in Economics, a title that allowed her to work in several companies in the area until she married the then prince. They were married in 2002 and have three daughters: Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. As queen consort, Máxima supports the king in his duties as head of state and also fulfills social and royal functions.

6. Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg

María Teresa Mestre y Batista was born in Havana, Cuba, and is married to the Grand Duke Henrique de Luxembourg (Henri, in French). They met at the University of Geneva, were married in 1981 and have four sons and a daughter. The Cuban became Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in 2000 after the Grand Duke took office on the throne of Luxembourg. The Duchess works in various activities aimed at the most vulnerable in her land, in addition to being a sponsor of entities such as the Red Cross of Luxembourg and the Cancer Foundation.

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7. Maria Chantal of Greece

8. Genoveva Casanova

9. Hanna Jaff

Hanna Jaff is a philanthropist and human rights activist born in the United States but raised in Tijuana, Mexico. She is the founder of the Jaff Foundation for Education, which is dedicated to teaching English to immigrants and refugees. She is also a speaker at universities and at TED conferences on issues related to human rights, immigrants, refugees, peace and education. She even launched a fashion line called We Are One Campaign 🇧🇷We are a campaign, in free translation), with the aim of ending hatred and harassment due to political, sociocultural, sexual and economic differences. Henry Roper-Curzon, descendant of Henry VII and heir to the twenty-second title Lord Baron of Teynham, fell in love with this amazing Latina and they are now engaged.

Latin America is present in the European monarchy and these women demonstrated that. Did you already know them? Have you ever dreamed of marrying a prince? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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