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80 models of long dresses for you to rock any occasion

Classic, long dresses are extremely versatile, as they can be used both in everyday life and on special occasions, such as parties and weddings. But its use doesn’t stop there, as this is a wildcard piece in summer and winter.

Whether with high heels, flats, boots and even sneakers, the long dress can easily fit into your routine. For colder days, it is worth investing in denim, leather jackets, blazers or other warm blouses of your choice.

long printed dresses

Long printed dresses are the face of summer, they match very well with flats and are very light. But it is also possible to find models with more sober colors and even with long sleeves, to send the cold away.

1. The polka dot is on trend and is a great print for long dresses

2. Flowers never go out of style

3. With a defined waist, this model elongates the silhouette

4. While this wide option is very comfortable

5. Prints and transparencies do match!

6. Simple, this dress draws attention for its vibrant colors

7. The gypsy sleeve remains firm and strong as a trend

8. Long sleeves are ideal for colder days

9. The face of summer, this dress has prints, but has a light background

10. Ciganinha + ruffle is ideal for those who want to compose a light look

11. But this type of sleeve also looks great on more sophisticated dresses

Whether for everyday life or special moments, it is possible to include long printed dresses in your routine. The options are quite varied and can please different styles.

long dresses for parties

Many parties ask for long models and this is the type of occasion where you can wear that edgier dress, which doesn’t fit so well in everyday life. Plus, this is a great length for anyone looking to look stylish.

12. For parties on cold days, it is worth betting on a knit with long sleeves

13. Colorful templates are perfect for daytime parties

14. Even more when they combine a vibrant tone and a fluid fabric

15. A tight-fitting model is ideal for those looking for just the right amount of elegance

16. To refine the silhouette, it is worth marking the waist well

17. Even when the skirt is well rounded

18. Princess party dress? Yes you can!

19. This very open model values ​​the back

20. Round skirt combined with lace is synonymous with romanticism

21. Even when the dress color is darker, the lace is super delicate

22. The ruffled polka dot is great for those looking for a not discreet look

Whether colorful, printed or with lace, it is possible to find a long dress model to be used at parties. Regardless if you like more discreet or more flashy models.

long dresses for weddings

There are weddings that require guests to wear long dresses, while others do not. Regardless of the situation, it is almost always appropriate to use this length in this type of event.

It is worth paying attention to the time of the ceremony, for example, as this detail can interfere with the chosen model.

23. For weddings, there are models with a lot of shine

24. And also in knitting

25.Elegant, this model enhances every curve of the body

26. This one too, but in a slightly more discreet version

27. To dare, it is worth betting on transparency in the breasts and a lot of shine

28. Which is also valid for the whole dress

29. The lurex model is also a great choice

30. Moderninha, this piece is ideal for those who are not afraid to innovate

31. A simple model can leave the basics with a lot of shine

32. Even more if he has transparency

Whether day or night, it’s worth going in a long dress at a wedding. Thus, you can look elegant, even if you choose a simple model.

There are people who think that short girls can’t wear long dresses, but that’s not true – because everyone wears what they want, right? But there are some tricks for those who don’t want to look flat, check them out below:

33. The defined waist helps to elongate the silhouette

34. And if you have vertical stripes, even better

35. As in this non-obvious model

36. Single color dresses also help you look taller

37. Even the ones with ruffles

38. Nude tones are great allies

39. Just like the belts

40. High heels are also a great bet for short girls

41. As well as sneakers that show the instep

Marking the waist, using vertical stripes, betting on a monochromatic look and leaving the instep on display are some tips for short girls who want to bet on long dresses.

Simple long dresses for everyday life

Simple long dresses are ideal for various everyday situations, whether for work, going out or even staying at home. There are several models that can be easily included in your routine, check them out below:

42. For those who like to be always tidy, how about a not-so-basic dress?

43. Accessories, such as the necklace, help to make the look more tidy

44. But it’s also worth letting the dress stand out

45. The yellow long is the face of summer

46. ​​Just like the white one with gypsy sleeves

47. But dark tones are also valid

48. Just like the jeans that are in everything

49. The wide models are ideal for those looking for comfort

50. But a basic belt is also good

Even simple long dress models can count on a touch of charm, whether using a more daring accessory or adding a belt to accentuate the waist.

long lace dresses

It’s worth wearing a long lace dress in the most varied situations, whether it’s a party, a walk during the day or even for that trip to the beach.

51. Stripped down, the long dress with lace and transparency is a hit

52. But income can also enter as a detail

53. Or to make your dress more sophisticated

54. In red, it’s super sexy

55. This is the same result as income combined with a lot of transparency

56. This combo is pure charm!

57. And it also matches an all white model

58. The basic white is ideal for that day at the beach or in the park

59. With the leather jacket, it’s pure style

60. With flats, this model is more relaxed

61. And with high heels the look is more formal

62. A lace dress is sure to be successful

Romantic, long lace dresses can also be more daring, either with the use of transparency or cutouts. In addition, this model also combines with prints and embroidery.

long plain dresses

Very versatile, long plain dresses can be used in different situations. Just choose a model that matches the appropriate situation. Another thing worth paying attention to is the fabric used, which can make the look more casual or sophisticated.

63. Basic, the long black dress is a wild piece to have in the closet

64. This yellow one is super elegant

65. The little black dress can be more charming with a belt

66. While this nude is ideal for day to day

67. It’s also worth combining models of long dresses with boots

68. A fluid model looks charming

69. Who said that an elegant dress can’t be all straight?

70. Like this slit white

71. Or this purple one that has a slit and long sleeves

The long plain dress is valid both for those looking for a more discreet look, and for those who want to dare a little more. For this, just choose the model that is most your face.

long dresses with slit

In addition to making the look sensual, the slit is a great bet for those who don’t want an extremely serious long dress. It helps to give charm and at the same time leaves the leg out.

72. The slit in your long dress can be quite high

73. Printed long dresses also match with a slit

74. It’s also worth joining the slit with the neckline

75. Poá + slit + gypsy sleeve = pure trend

76. You can also choose versions with more discreet slits

77. Or dare in the depth of the cleavage

78. Slit models can be romantic

79. Or mega sexy

80. And they match super with ruffles

Not only in long sensual dresses should the slit be used, it can also be found in more discreet models, ideal for those who do not want to sensualize too much, just give a touch of charm to the look.

There are a lot of models of long dresses that you can add to your wardrobe. As they are very versatile and match the most varied situations, it is worth choosing the ones that best fit your style. If you still have doubts about the length, it is worth checking out midi dress models that are also sophisticated and democratic.

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