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8 tips and step by step for a complete bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is one of the main rooms in the house that need to be in perfect hygienic conditions. In this sense, it is important that some measures are taken daily and that a more thorough cleaning is done frequently.

Juliana Faria, director of Yru Organizer, points out that, in general, daily cleaning should include removing the trash, cleaning and disinfecting the toilet, cleaning the floor and countertops and, once a week, a good general cleaning should be done. . But, it is worth noting, it all depends a lot on the number of people living in the house.

Below you can find the main tips for cleaning your bathroom efficiently and completely.

Clean bathroom checklist

To do an efficient cleaning without having to waste a lot of time, having a practical step-by-step guide makes all the difference. Check out:

  1. Start by removing towels, rugs, trash and objects from the bathroom;
  2. Start cleaning in the bathroom area, rubbing tiles and shower stalls, which tend to accumulate body fat, and then wash the floor in this area;
  3. Clean the toilet with disinfectant and brush/sponge only for this purpose;
  4. Wash the toothbrush holder, soap dish and other objects you may have in your sink;
  5. Wash the toilet brush and toilet brush holder;
  6. Clean the bowl and valve and other metals that may be present (such as the door handle) with a sponge and detergent or, if you prefer, with a cloth dampened with a general purpose cleaner.
  7. Sanitize countertops, cabinets, objects and mirrors with a cloth dampened with general purpose cleaner.
  8. Wipe the mirror with a smooth, dry cloth after you’ve cleaned it, so it doesn’t smudge.
  9. Clean the entire bathroom area floor.
  10. After a few minutes, after the floor is completely dry, put everything back in its place (trash can, rugs, etc.).

For a more thorough cleaning, whenever possible, it is recommended to wash the bathroom floor. But, when the idea is to do a quicker cleaning, on a daily basis, you can just pass a cloth with a general purpose cleaner or disinfectant.

8 Things in Your Bathroom You Might Not Be Cleaning Enough

There are some points in the bathroom that need to be cleaned from time to time, but that often end up going unnoticed. Check out:

1. The curtain or shower rail

Juliana comments that the rail where the box is installed usually accumulates water and, because of this, it is easier for bacteria to proliferate. “So, the ideal is that periodic cleanings are carried out to end this problem”, she says.

To do this, Juliana suggests: use a toothbrush, water and a little detergent, rubbing all the corners. Rinse and dry. Then spray some pure bactericide (the ones labeled “kill 99.9% of bacteria”) to kill the rest of the bacteria and let it dry naturally.

The curtain rail also deserves attention and can be cleaned simply with a toothbrush, water and a little detergent. Then just rinse carefully and dry.

2. The toothbrush holder

The toothbrush holder is usually not leaked, accumulating water at the bottom and thus causing bacteria to proliferate. “Periodic cleaning will prevent water from accumulating and also prevent the brushes from getting stained and dirty on the underside”, comments Juliana.

For cleaning, she suggests: use water and detergent and a soft sponge at least twice a week and, daily, throw away the water that accumulates.

3. The bath bush

“When we use the loofah, we remove dead skin cells… And we leave the loofah inside the box, with this, it will be constantly wet, allowing the proliferation of bacteria”, comments Juliana.

In this sense, it is important, after use, to wash the bushing well and let it dry outside the humid environment of the shower.

“Putting the wet vegetable loofah in the microwave for about 20 seconds to sanitize it and replacing the product whenever it changes color or smells is also advised. Or even, dip the bushing in a 5% solution of bleach”, adds Juliana.

4. The door handle

“When we look at our hands, they are visibly clean, but they carry a lot of bacteria and when we touch the doorknob, we transfer to it, as well as sweat and dirt. All of this accumulates over time and can affect the metal of the handle, and can even cause some stains”, comments Juliana.

To clean the handle, Juliana suggests: clean it periodically with a soft sponge, water and neutral detergent. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry well with a microfiber cloth.

5. The light switch

Juliana explains that, in addition to the accumulation of bacteria from the hands, everyday dirt accumulates mainly on the light switch keys. “And over time, they can get stuck so you can’t turn on the light,” she says.

For the most effective cleaning, Juliana advises: remove the front plate of the switch and clean the entire knob with a very soft brush dampened in a solution of water and neutral detergent. Remove excess with a damp cloth and dry.

However, on a daily basis, you can simply wipe the switch with a damp cloth to remove the dust that usually accumulates there.

6. The toilet brush and the toilet brush holder

Cleaning of the toothbrush and toilet brush holder should be done periodically because of the accumulation of bacteria. To do this, Juliana suggests: wash both well with water and detergent and then spray a pure bactericide without diluting. Let it dry naturally.

7. Behind the toilet

Cleaning around the toilet is essential because, as this is a hard-to-reach place, dirt, germs and bacteria can easily proliferate. For this, Juliana advises: remove all visible dirt, spray a solution of water and detergent. Remove excess with a damp cloth. Then, spray some pure bactericide and let it dry naturally.

8. Bowl valve and drains

Juliana comments that many people also forget to clean the bowl valve and the drains.

To clean the valve, she suggests: with a small brush, put a little detergent and brush the entire area, then rinse.

To clean drains: remove the cover. Put on rubber gloves and make a mixture of water and detergent. With the help of a brush, scrub the entire wall of the drain and rinse with hot water. Mix a glass of water with a glass of bleach, pour it down the drain and cover.

With these tips, your bathroom cleaning will definitely be much more complete!

What to use to clean the bathroom?

It is a fact that each person has their preferences when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. Even so, there are no rules.

However, in general, there are some products that are very useful when cleaning. Check out Juliana’s suggestions:

  • Colorless neutral detergent and water: this “mixture” removes dirt and cleans without damaging any type of surface.
  • Bactericidal: The ones that have written on the label “kill 99.9% of bacteria” are important for this area of ​​the house, as they kill germs and bacteria. And, it is worth mentioning, the bad smell comes from their presence in the environment.
  • Sprayer: its use allows for product and water savings.
  • Microfiber cloth: it’s soft and lint-free.
  • Paper towel: can be used successfully in place of the soft sponge. It prevents the transfer of bacteria to the sponge, as it is thrown away after use.
  • Gel bactericide for the toilet: it takes longer to drain because it is in gel, thus facilitating a longer action time on the surface.

Now you know that, although most people have their own habits when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, some general tips make all the difference and allow for a much more efficient cleaning, without having to spend hours and hours cleaning.

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