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8 style tips we can learn from bloggers

Just open Instagram and several images of glamorous bloggers appear at parties, events, trips, always with their unique looks for each occasion.

Even though most of them are not accessible, they can serve as inspiration for those who want to dress more stylishly, whether at work, leisure or everyday life.

Check out these eight tips when dressing to look like a true fashion blogger, even when you’re not.

1. Bet on accessories

A basic outfit can take on a new face depending on the accessories. A big earring, some necklaces, a different bracelet, a shiny watch, or all of these together. Do not be afraid to dare.

2. Mix different pieces

Many of the bloggers’ innovative style ideas consist of making completely unexpected combinations. Get creative in your closet and start mixing unusual pieces. Fashion is constantly reinventing itself and it’s subjective, so it’s okay to create your own style.

3. Wear sunglasses

From aviator to cat models, iconic glasses make a difference in any look. And they dominate the bloggers’ Instagram. Choose sophisticated models, even for the most casual occasions.

4. Throw a coat over your shoulders

Grab a coat and cover your shoulders. Ready! You’ll look like you’re leaving a meeting with Anna Wintour (without the stress). This is a good tip to give a chic touch to a more basic outfit. And it’s also a great technique to be able to wear jackets you love.

5. Always do your nails

It doesn’t matter what shape you prefer for your nails. Huge, false, short, just with foundation or with flashy colors… The important thing is to have your nails well done and cared for. Especially when photographing the look to share on your networks.

6. Hats, Hats and Hats

They can be used in all seasons, with all types of clothing and in all formats. And they can still help disguise that day when you didn’t have time to wash your hair. If you don’t want anything too daring, opt for the classic, like Panama.

7. Stylish bags

To look innovative and stylish, you need to have good bags. There are some beautiful and unique ones at a good price, just look hard. Often in everyday life it is easier to use just one bag, but learn to choose according to the occasion.

8. Trust

The final and most important tip for looking like a fashion blogger is confidence. Style is personal and should be based on what you like to wear, what makes you feel good and comfortable in your own skin. Try to get away from the basics and look for new trends, use bold colors, without fear.

These eight tips are simple, but they make a difference in the end result. With time and practice, it will become easier and easier to create a stylish look. And always keep your head up, without fear of taking risks!

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