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8 Signs You’re Exceptionally Smart, Even If You Don’t Think It

Habits often considered bad, such as biting your nails, complaining a lot but politely, and chewing gum are actually signs that you’re smarter than most. Of course, there is not just one type of intelligence, as social and emotional intelligence are also important. However, there seem to be some common traits in highly intelligent people that set them apart from the rest, making them stand out.

O awesome.club researched some signs of high intelligence so you can determine if you have any of them.

1. You complain respectfully

Speaking respectfully when you perceive something wrong, whether in the workplace or outside, is a sign of emotional intelligence. While it may appear that you simply enjoy complaining, it actually indicates a greater degree of concern for the environment. You can understand the impact of negative things on other people, not just yourself, thus feeling the need to make a complaint.

2. You talk to yourself out loud

Scientists believe there are enormous benefits to hearing ourselves talk about ourselves. Hearing yourself has a distinct impact on the brain, unlike reading or thinking about it. In fact, it is related to being more humble, the ability to deal better with emotions and to weigh decisions and other perspectives, which indicates superior emotional intelligence.

3. You have good self-control

Being able to resist temptation and wait is a sign of intelligence, especially among teenagers. According to research, smarter people have greater self-control, especially when it comes to diet. In fact, self-control is one of the best ways to live a healthy life, and the sooner you develop it, the better.

4. You can be alone

People with high emotional intelligence generally accept being alone with their thoughts and ideas and don’t need to socialize all the time to feel happy. Because they are very busy with their own schedule, they are not afraid of being excluded for not participating in social events. Instead, they only have a few close friends and enjoy their time alone.

5. You don’t think you’re very smart

The Dunning-Kruge effect suggests that people with inferior ability often overestimate themselves. However, people with superior intelligence neither underestimate nor overestimate their abilities. Those with higher intelligence levels are more aware of what they don’t know, so they don’t consider themselves particularly smart.

You have probably noticed this in very intelligent individuals. In general, they never claim to know everything and are always curious and willing to learn.

6. You bite nails

A new study finds that nail biting may not be a sign of anxiety. According to research, reassuring habits, such as biting your nails and picking your skin, actually have to do with perfectionism and feeling dissatisfied. In fact, people with extreme perfectionistic tendencies may be linked to higher intelligence than those who don’t.

7. You chew gum

Chewing gum appears to be directly linked to better performance on tests and memory tasks, according to research. Your memory, attention, executive and intellectual functioning can be increased by chewing gum. However, scientists had some difficulties and disagreements to prove it, as they realized that it can also affect the performance of certain tasks.

8. You have few friends

Many think that smarter people have fewer friends and smaller social circles because they are more independent. According to Savannah theory, in the past, humans needed to be in larger groups to hunt and solve problems together. However, nowadays, we are less dependent and this is especially true for very intelligent people who manage to solve problems on their own.

What do you think of these habits? Are there any other traits you’ve noticed in highly intelligent people?

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