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8 Signs You’re an Introvert

When talking about an introverted person, the first thought is often the image of a shy and somewhat awkward person on social occasions.

But that’s not quite how it works. The social aspect is just one of the introverted personality traits, and it is not mandatory.

Being an introvert has a lot more to do with feeling stimulated by internal rather than external factors than being apparently shy.

So rather than looking for traits like shyness, it’s more correct to identify an introvert by checking to see if a person gains or loses energy when they’re in the company of other people, even if they’re your friends and they enjoy your company.

Check out 8 signs displayed by a true introvert and see if you fit this personality:

1. Superficial conversations make you tired

While extroverts make a point of starting a conversation, whether it’s about the elevator delay or the oncoming rain, introverts see this habit as a source of anxiety and irritation.

This doesn’t mean they think they’re superior to this kind of conversation, but rather that they don’t feel comfortable talking about something they don’t genuinely care about.

2. Networking is something that really bothers you

Networking, that is, talking to random people in order to find professional opportunities, makes the introvert feel like a legitimate fake, as he always seeks to be authentic in his social interactions.

The solution for introverts is to invest in networking in small groups rather than on big occasions full of people.

3. Crowds Drain Your Energy

Crowds annoy introverts. In general, being in an environment full of people means having to deal with a lot of noise and difficulties in moving around, which makes the introvert’s energy go away quickly.

4. You are a good communicator

Here’s a trait that differentiates shy people from introverts. While shy people are terrified of communicating, introverts do it very well – as long as the subject is of real interest to them.

Some examples of introverts who excel at communicating are JK Rowling, Emma Watson, Christina Aguilera, Bill Gates and Mahatma Gandhi.

5. You keep getting distracted

Introverts have a natural tendency to get distracted in environments with a lot of stimuli, as if this were a way to get their mind off the hustle that drains them so much energy.

Extroverts, on the other hand, get bored in more monotonous environments, as they need to receive more stimulation.

6. You are more observant than average

Introverts tend to notice details that other people miss. This happens because, when they feel suffocated by the stimuli of the environment, they focus on small details in the quest to restore their mental balance.

7. You’ve chosen a lonelier career

Introverts prefer professions that allow them to perform tasks in a creative and solitary way, in order to deeply approach each topic.

Thus, careers that involve writing, technology, and the natural sciences are preferred by introverts, as they provide more internal stimulation while being performed in environments without so much information.

8. You love being alone – and feel like you need it

More than just enjoying their own company, introverts need solitary periods to recharge their energy.

For people who have this personality, being in a very busy environment or among several people means seeing their energy slowly drain away, no matter how much they enjoy the activities in which they participate.

Thus, introverts feel the need to spend time alone and quiet, watching their favorite series, reading or even getting some sleep to restore their balance.

Did you identify with these characteristics? They can help explain why people often think you’re shy or don’t like company, when in fact you feel very tired after interacting socially.

Being an introvert has its perks, like being a good listener, having high emotional intelligence, and exercising your creativity, so take advantage of your personality.

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