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8 Signs Your Intuition Is Sharp And You Should Trust It More

You know that “follow your heart” story when we have to make a difficult decision? Well, another way of saying this is “trust your intuition”. In other words, we are talking about paying attention to that feeling that you already know the outcome of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Of course, as a rational human being, you will always take into account the hard facts at hand. However, when your intuition is well developed, it can be an excellent tool to help you along your path. Know how to recognize 8 signs that your intuition is very sharp and that you can trust it:

1. Can you predict people’s reactions?

Somehow, you almost always know in advance how a person will react to news, good or bad. Sometimes you are even able to anticipate what this person is going to say.

This is because your subconscious has recorded your past experiences and realized that there is a pattern of reactions, and it is likely to repeat itself once again.

2. You choose the right people for your team

If you have a management position at your job, a good sign that your intuition is sharp is the fact that you hire and fire the right people when it comes to building your team.

Of course, you’ll look at more tangible factors like a person’s resume and performance before making that decision; however, if you tend to be more successful than your peers at this task, perhaps your “feelers” are more sensitive.

3. You don’t have to follow instructions when doing new things

Maybe you love to cook, switch ingredients on your own when trying out a new recipe, and make a wonderful pie. Or, when traveling, you prefer to choose a hotel at random in an unknown city and it turns out to be a small paradise on Earth.

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The fact is that the decisions you make when doing something new, even without thinking about them too much, usually bring good results. This is a sign that when you have a good experience in a certain area, you can trust your impulses, as they will usually result in benefits for you.

4. You are never wrong about people

Your friend may think you’re jealous because she’s seeing a new boyfriend, but the truth is, you just know that the guy in question is going to make her suffer – even if you’ve never seen him before.

We can’t say exactly how this happens, but your sixth sense seems to be more heightened and you are able to perceive the essence of the people around you. Of course, we must be careful to avoid hasty judgments, but it’s good not to forget the feeling you had when you met a person.

5. You think of someone and that person sends you a message

Have you ever been thinking about a person and they call you or text you right away? Or, have you ever had the experience of calling a friend and she said she really wanted to talk to you? These “coincidences” often indicate that there is a connection between you and this person.

While it’s more common among close friends or family, it can also happen among people who haven’t seen each other for a long time but still have great affection for each other. For this to happen, however, you need to pay attention to that seemingly mysterious and random urge you had to talk to someone – your intuition – and get in touch.

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6. You suffer too much for others

It’s not that you want to become a victim of other people’s problems, but it seems like you’re more sensitive to other people’s feelings than other people are – which also helps explain the previous sign.

The reason you understand so well the emotions that a friend is feeling is that your intuition makes you also have a lot of empathy, that is, you have a great ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes.

7. You dream and things happen

You know when you dream about someone or something and you end up coming across the person or the fact during the day? This is a sign that your intuition was able to pick up small signals – we don’t know what kind – and anticipate something that was to come.

You may never have “predicted” a plane crash in your sleep (as some people do), but even small “coincidences” between dreams and reality indicate that you have a heightened sensitivity to what is happening around you.

8. You foresee dangerous situations

In that case, don’t waste time thinking about logic or past experiences: if you feel that you are in danger somewhere, get out of there immediately or seek help.

Our preservation instinct is very strong, so we are able to detect threats even without having actually seen or heard anything. So first ensure your safety and only then try to find out if there was a reason behind this feeling.

As much as intuition cannot be measured or detected objectively, it is a concept recognized by Psychology. So, much more than a magical and inexplicable power, it is an ability that we all have to evaluate signals from the environment and previous experiences to make the best decision.

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Therefore, if you tend to have the characteristics that we have described in this article, it may be a good idea to take more into account that “voice” that you hear without really knowing where it came from. Trust your instincts, as a well-developed intuition is a great ally.

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