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8 Famous open the game and talk about “real” motherhood and its difficulties

On social media, motherhood looks like a fairy tale. The children are never sick, the mothers have no dark circles under their eyes, and the pregnancy has passed without any nausea. Although the pressure to be the “perfect mother” always exists, those who have children know that not everything is rosy. Therefore, more and more people talk about the “real” motherhood: a more generous look at mothers, which puts a magnifying glass on Instagram and shows the difficulties of this role.

Talking about the problems of motherhood serves to break the illusion that everything is perfect in pregnancy and raising children. In fact, mothers share the same fears, insecurities, tiredness and pain.

Next, the awesome.club gathered testimonials from famous Brazilian women who decided to speak openly about royal motherhood. If you are a mother, you will probably identify with at least one of the reports. Follow!

“I wasn’t feeling sexy at all during pregnancy, nor prettier”

Carol Dantas’s son, Valetin, was born in September, but in the final stretch of pregnancy, the influencer opened up about the insecurities she experienced during pregnancy. In an interview with Marie Claire, she confessed that she didn’t like to see herself with the new curves and went through times when she didn’t want to look in the mirror.

“Of course the curves are different, they are from pregnancy. But at this moment when your body is changing, you are also in a more melancholic, more sensitive phase, and it is not easy to manage that”, said Carol.

“I am very afraid that they will say that I am not a good mother, that they will ask: ‘Why did she have a child?’”

Actress Miá Mello brought this debate to the stage when she performed the play “Mãe Fora da Caixa”. In the monologue, the artist talks about fears, frustrations, guilt and reflections of mothers who do not feel represented by that “perfect” motherhood exposed on social networks.

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“I don’t consider myself outside the box. I am very afraid that people will say that I am not a good mother, that they will ask: ‘Why did she have a child?’ But I’m taking a deep breath and taking courage because I think I’ll be better off if I speak the truth and it’ll be better for others. That’s my goal. But do you think I don’t charge myself, I don’t want to stick to a standard to be a good mother?”, said Miá in an interview with Universa.

“We feel guilty about everything”

Speaking of guilt that mothers feel, Sabrina Sato also spoke about the pressures of reconciling motherhood and work. “It’s not easy to go back to work, it was harder than I imagined. The desire we have is just to stay with the baby, “she said. “I don’t think there’s a mother who doesn’t feel guilty, we feel guilty about everything. It wasn’t easy, but I would do everything the same, ”she completed her.

The presenter even cited the story of former basketball player Hortência, as an example of a mother who needed to resume her professional life quickly. “I spoke with Hortência and she said ‘Sabrina, when my son was two months old I was playing in the Olympics’. So, it’s women like these who inspire us,” she said.

“When I remembered that I was going to have to leave my son, tears would drip down his face”

Like so many other mothers, celebrities often cannot put their professional career aside for a few months and dedicate themselves exclusively to the baby. In an interview with Antônia Fontenelle, Simaria, from the duo with Simone, revealed how difficult it was having to leave her son, with 8 days to live, to meet with businessmen.

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“I had to go, because it was a unique opportunity that we had and I couldn’t pass it up. It was tough for me because it was right around the time I was breastfeeding and I was very sensitive. When I looked down and remembered that I was going to have to travel and leave him, the tear would drip down my son’s face, ”she said.

“It was a hormonal tsunami”

The singer Pitty, mother of Madalena, lived a risky pregnancy and said that the period was marked by a real hormonal avalanche.

“It was a hormonal tsunami, also because I took hormones during pregnancy and I had a high-risk pregnancy. So, I had a wave of needing more hormone than what we normally produce during pregnancy. So, it was an avalanche of feelings, I remember the sleepless nights”, revealed the artist during the Saia Justa program.

“Motherhood is really having to do your best to take care of everything and everyone”

No wonder we hear around that mothers have superpowers. With two daughters, Ticiane Pinheiro knows well the routine of having to do two, 3 or even 4 things at the same time to be a mother, wife, take care of yourself and still have a career.

“While I breastfeed Manu, Rafinha wants me to tell stories and when I’m playing with Rafa with dolls, Manu cries wanting to breastfeed. And in this double journey, there is still the husband who needs attention too ”, he wrote on Instagram.

“Motherhood is really having to work hard to handle everything and everyone. This is being a mother, this is being a wonder woman, but as I say, when there is love, everything is easier and more pleasurable”, she added.

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“I didn’t know how to be without her”

Grazi Massafera was another celebrity who decided to open up about real motherhood. During the Conversa com Bial program, she made an honest statement about the shared custody of her daughter Sofia with her ex-husband Cauã Reymond.

“There was one thing I didn’t know how to do, which was to be without her. I could not. So, nowadays I have that time without her to dedicate to myself. It’s an interesting exchange too,” she confessed.

“Breastfeeding is fundamental, but those who cannot are no less mothers”

The presenter Fernanda Gentil used Instagram to talk about the difficulties she had to breastfeed her son Gabriel. “For a mother who has always dreamed of living the magical movie moment of her son suckling at the breast, eye to eye, the little hand holding our finger, the news of the bottle drops like a bomb. I cried, judged myself and replayed the entire pregnancy in my head trying to figure out where I went wrong; whether it was the chocolate I ate, the night I didn’t sleep or that long staircase I climbed,” she wrote.

At the end of the text, the journalist even offered support to women who are going through, or have gone through, the same situation: “My message is this: breastfeeding is essential, but those who can’t are no less mothers. That was my best discovery: the love that beats in the chest also beats in the bottle”.

Talking openly about insecurities, fears and the most difficult situations that mothers go through is beneficial, as this creates an increasingly strong support network among women.

Did you identify with some of the situations described by the famous? What is, for you, “real” motherhood? Tell us in the comments.

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