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8 different do-it-yourself headboard ideas

For those who like to get their hands dirty and make their own decorative objects, any inspiration is always very welcome. And why not create your own headboard with creative ideas that demand care and dedication, but that make up for it in exclusivity and warmth in the final result?

If you’re tired of your traditional wooden headboard or other material, the idea is to renew its look by covering, painting or adding accessories. However, if you still don’t have a headboard on your bed, how about creating one from creative and unusual ideas?

With that in mind, check out some inspirations, between easy and difficult, to customize your room with a headboard made by you.

1. Fabric headboard

If you already have a wooden headboard, you can cover it with whatever fabric you want to give it a new look. If you don’t have it yet, you can invest in wooden boards to cover at home. Contact your trusted joiner and get to work! Use fabric or wood glue to secure the material to the headboard.

2. Frames and frames

Another option is to select some pictures, framed photos or even empty frames to decorate the headboard. If the room is a double, an idea is to use the photos of the wedding, or of the two together. So, in addition to being exclusive, your headboard will be a good memory every day.

3. Blink blinks

To brighten up your room and still create a totally different headboard, you can reuse Christmas lights. Use painted dry twigs or hang the “clothesline” style flashers behind your bed for an amazing effect in your dorm. But watch out for the lamps that heat up and the bare wires. Your safety must come first. Prefer LED flashers.

4. Pallets

Pallets are structures used to transport products in general and that can be found for purchase in warehouses. To make the pallet headboard, you can use the entire structure or disassemble it to assemble according to your will and idea. See some options:

5. Wood

A similar idea is to use creatively arranged wooden boards to make your own headboard. If the wood is “ugly”, paint it the color of your choice. However, if you prefer, use it “naturally”. The first photo below shows a cool way to make the headboard more interesting: write one or more words over the wood to decorate it.

6. Old windows

Did you make a total renovation of the house and left a wooden window? Repurpose it by creating a window headboard. If you prefer to repaint the color, paint according to your preference. If the model allows, it is even worth putting some decoration “inside” the window frame, such as small pictures, stickers and mini flower vases.

7. Wall sticker

This is the easiest and most practical solution for those who want to have a headboard, but do not want to buy a traditional one and do not want to get their hands dirty “building” their own. Currently there are dozens of wall sticker models that imitate the headboard and can easily replace the real object.

8. Unleash your imagination

Try to use creativity and make a totally different and unusual headboard. Whether with books, paintings and other objects, with signs and signs… what matters is to make something that matches your style.

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