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8 Chinese cooking secrets to put into practice in everyday life

When it comes to cooking, some already think of a boring and obligatory routine, while others imagine a creative and fascinating process. Of course, everyone who loves cooking always strives to make their dishes tasty, healthy and beautifully presented. And sometimes culinary tricks from other cultures can help improve our techniques and skills.

We, from awesome.club, we selected some tricks that the Chinese use in the kitchen that can help make your food much tastier. Check out!

Wash vegetables and fruits in salt water

The inhabitants of the ancient Celestial Empire carefully wash vegetables and fruits, rinsing the products under running water, then dip them in salted water and rinse again.

In 2006, Chinese scientists conducted a study and proved that salt water removes pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits. To wash fruits like the Chinese, you should use 1 part salt to 10 parts water.

The Chinese cook the perfect rice without measuring anything.

To make traditional rice, the Chinese don’t use exact ratio measures, much less measurers. They simply put the amount of rice in the pan and then place their finger straight against the bottom of the pan. Finally, they pour water until it covers the first phalanx of the finger.

Use starch to make dishes more appetizing

Many are amazed at how Chinese chefs manage to render meats and fish with such a glossy and appetizing finish. The secret lies in cornstarch, considered one of the essential ingredients in many Chinese dishes. Practically every sauce uses this ingredient.

Soften the meat with egg whites

The Chinese can make even the toughest meat tender. For this, they marinate it for about 15 minutes in the egg white. This method, of course, may seem strange, as we are used to using lemon juice, vinegar or fabric softener for this.

But the Chinese explain this technique as follows: the egg white provides the meat with a smooth covering that protects it while it is being roasted or cooked, preventing water from seeping out of its fibers. And as a result, it melts in your mouth. Adding starch to the marinade has the same effect.

Make stuffed pasta healthier

The author of this article learned an important rule from a Chinese friend about making stuffed pasta: “If you only put meat in it, it’s too greasy! We have a rule in my land: 50% vegetables, 50% meat. It’s tasty and healthy!”

Make steamed vegetables without the need for a pot or special device

Chinese cuisine includes “a ton” of steamed dishes. This method is even used in baked goods. For this, the Chinese use a bamboo basket on top of a pot of boiling water.

However, in order to steam healthy dishes, you do not need to buy a bamboo basket. It is possible to use an ordinary metal sieve, which should be placed on top of a pot of boiling water, and then covered with a lid. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on the pan so the water doesn’t dry out.

Desserts are made with plant-based products

The Chinese don’t usually use a lot of sugar in their desserts; jams and chocolates are also not very popular there. Therefore, to give desserts a little sweetness, they use vegetable fillings: sweet potatoes, sesame seeds and legumes. This, however, may be strange for Brazilians, as we are used to eating very sweet desserts.

An Ingredient Is Key to Chinese Health and Youth

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have remained faithful to sesame seeds and sprinkled them on almost every dish. They also use them in a traditional dessert — sesame balls. According to the Chinese, you can eat sesame seeds every day and not be worried about old age.

And this information is not groundless, sesame is rich in calcium, copper, iron and magnesium. Therefore, it is definitely worth including this seed in your diet.

What dish or specialty of Chinese cuisine do you like the most? Which of these hacks will you add to your kitchen routine? Tell us in the comments section.

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