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70 wonderful dessert recipes to sweeten your day

Looking for a simple and delicious dessert? Whether for everyday life or for that special meal, a sweetie can’t be missed. In the list below, you will find several options: from easy preparations, with few ingredients, to special dishes to impress. Check out recipes for frozen desserts, with strawberry, with chocolate… There’s something for all tastes!

popular desserts

1. Gelatin mosaic: easy and practical recipe, uses few ingredients and surprises with its colorful and unusual look.

2. Two-layer pineapple gelatin: great option for restrictive diets because it contains low calories, the gelatin is satiating and in association with the fruit, it gains a citrus and refreshing flavor.

3. Condensed milk pudding: with a creamy and delicate texture, as the author herself reports, the pudding is a traditional sweet with simple and quick preparation, ideal for moments of haste.

4. Ice cream pudding: another version of the dear pudding, this recipe in simple steps that results in a delicious iced dessert, great for cooling off on the hottest days.

5. Sago with red wine: sago, a food of indigenous origin, is made from manioc starch, and is a typical food in southern Brazil. Cooked in red wine, it has a sweet and well-defined flavor with a characteristic texture of this sweet.

6. Coconut Milk Sago: A variation on the sago recipe, this version uses coconut milk to flavor the dessert. The preparation is the same as the traditional one, with an average cooking time of 30 minutes.

7. Creamy rice pudding: as the author of this recipe describes, this rice pudding is a smooth and velvety cream. After cooking with water and the peel of a lemon, the delicious cream is made with milk, cinnamon and cloves, making the recipe even more special.

8. Chocolate pavé: sweet of French origin, pavé brings the perfect mix between chocolate, cream and champagne cookies. To impress anyone.

9. Peach pavé: a variation of this pompous dessert, this recipe uses peach, a fruit source of vitamins, beta-carotene and various nutrients.

10. Passion fruit mousse in the cup: great choice as a dessert to be served to several people, this mousse has a simple and quick preparation, and wonderful flavor.

11. Canjica: also known as mungunzá or white corn porridge, this recipe is a typical delicacy of Brazilian cuisine and has variations in its preparation. Here, blogger Tati teaches the most common way to prepare.

12. Dulce de leche soft: using only three ingredients, this recipe is the favorite of many. The secret is not to stop stirring until the cream thickens and comes away from the bottom of the pan.

13. Pumpkin and coconut jam: homemade jam that takes us back to childhood, provides moments of nostalgia from a tasty recipe with simple preparation.

14. Queijadinha: typical Brazilian sweet influenced by Portuguese cuisine. With the possibility of using different varieties of cheese, or even replacing grated coconut with burnt coconut, this sweet shows all its versatility.

15. Quindim: dessert whose base ingredients are egg, sugar and grated coconut, it is actually a Northeastern adaptation of a Portuguese recipe known as brisa-do-Lis, where instead of using grated coconut, almonds are used in its preparation.

easy desserts

16. Nest Milk Sweetie with Nutella: using two ingredients that are very well-known for those who are a fan of sweets, this recipe is quick and great for that last-minute meeting with friends.

17. Churros: the traditional churros de dulce de leche, a recipe of Iberian origin that won the hearts of Brazilians, is presented in this recipe with the option of not filling it, but dipping it in the dulce de leche to taste.

18. Cheesecake in the glass: using cherry jam, in this recipe the cheesecake makes the role of cream, contrasting the sweet flavor of the jam.

19. Dutch pie in the pot: pie normally composed of a vanilla cream and cookies, covered with chocolate ganache and with rounded cookies around it. Here the presentation of the same is adapted to serve individual portions. Eye-popping!

20. Maria-mole pudding: this version of pudding doesn’t go in the oven, or needs a bain-marie, just mix the ingredients in a blender and put it in the fridge. More practical impossible.

21. Banana puff pastry: simple recipe, uses ready-made puff pastry to give a gourmet flavor to the sweet. In addition to being beautiful, it tastes great.

22. Churros French Toast: unusual recipe, uses loaf of bread to make the rolls of this new version of churros. Quickly prepared and with few ingredients, it’s ideal when you’re out of ideas of what to do.

23. Petit gâteau: French dessert that delights everyone, this “small cookie” is partially baked, making its interior remain creamy when broken. As a follow-up suggestion, cream ice cream.

24. Apple of love: in addition to decorating the table, the apple of love sweetens the palate of those who taste it and conquers the romantic look. Great for gifting.

frozen desserts

25. Ovaltine Milkshake: in addition to taking only 3 ingredients, this recipe brings the famous chocolate milk to a differential, making the milkshake texture more crunchy and flavorful.

26. Creamy gelatin mousse: you must add cream and condensed milk to the gelatin with the flavor of your choice, it results in this aerated and easy to make recipe.

27. Sicilian lemon mousse: yet another mousse recipe, this one uses Sicilian lemon as the main ingredient. This ingredient is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to detoxify the body.

28. Manjar de condensed milk: as the author of the blog describes, this recipe is easy, simple and cheap. As a tip, the blogger suggests using flavored gelatin to change the taste of the dish.

29. Raspberry lemon ice cream cake: cake as base, lemon ice cream as body. Impossible not to please. The difference is in mixing the Sicilian lemon with the Tahiti when adding the lemon juice in the preparation of the ice cream.

30. Crispy chocolate ice cream: ideal for chocolate lovers, in this recipe, in addition to using powdered chocolate as a base, chocolate cookies are also added to make the ice cream more crunchy.

31. Mexican Palette: famous recipe, it is characterized as a strawberry popsicle stuffed with condensed milk. It’s sure to please everyone.

32. Homemade flakes ice cream: with a base of cream ice cream, by adding the semisweet chocolate cut into small pieces, this ice cream gains an unparalleled crunch.

33. Grape zest: without any difficulty, this recipe uses frozen grape juice to make tasty zest. To serve, just add condensed milk.

34. Fruit salad popsicle: revamping the traditional version of fruit salad, this popsicle has various fruits that together with coconut water make a healthy and appetizing popsicle.

strawberry desserts

35. Strawberry puff pastry: another recipe option using ready-made puff pastry. As a filling, strawberry jam and, for icing, icing sugar. Easy and visually beautiful.

36. Strawberry pavé: in this pavé recipe, instead of cornstarch cookies, the cookie chosen is the simple sweet one. To make it visually more beautiful, scattered strawberries bring richness to the plate.

37. Homemade Danoninho: version of the famous strawberry yogurt, it only takes 4 ingredients. There is even the possibility of varying the powdered juice to make different flavors.

38. Strawberry crust: original Australian recipe adapted by blogger Patricia, it’s a version of strawberry pie with “rotten crust”. Very pretty and tasty.

39. Chocolate pavé with strawberry: another version of the already known pavé, here the candy assembly is the business card. Beautiful to enjoy, delicious to taste.

40. Open bonbon: easy to prepare dish, it mixes the flavors of strawberry, coconut and semisweet chocolate, resulting in a sweet dessert without being cloying.

41. Strawberry Charlotte: Pie created by a French chef for the Russian tsars, it has a gourmet feel and a jaw-dropping look. Special mention for the champagne biscuits that wrap the pie.

42. Strawberry Meringue Tarts: In addition to being beautiful, this pie has a unique flavor. Strawberries are cooked in sugar, ensuring a creamy filling. As a topping, golden Italian meringue or in the oven, or using a culinary torch.

coconut desserts

43. Prestige type bonbon: with a moist grated coconut filling, this bonbon has a crispy chocolate shell. Ideal to always have on hand when you have an uncontrollable urge to eat sweets.

44. Quebra-chine: easy to make northeastern sweet, which only takes 4 ingredients. In this recipe, pay attention to the amount of sugar: if you want a sweeter “pull-pull”, add a little more.

45. Coconut manjar: easy to prepare dish, it has the option of two types of syrup to accompany: plum syrup or burnt coconut. Choose your favorite and start preparing it now!

46. ​​Condensed milk cocada: common sweet at June parties is also a good option on other occasions. It uses few ingredients and the preparation is very simple: just cook the mixture of sugar, coconut and condensed milk and finally add the butter.

47. Passion Fruit Cocadinhas: Another version of Cocadinha, this one uses concentrated passion fruit juice to flavor the sweet. Perfect balance between sweet and sour.

48. Creamy cocada: another version of this typically Brazilian sweet, here, to make the cocada creamy, just heat the water and sugar until it reaches the consistency of a string.

49. Sugared coconut: using fresh coconut cut into cubes, sugar and water, this sweet, in addition to being tasty and crunchy, does not require many steps in its preparation.

peanut desserts

50. Peanut praliné: peanut praline, or hot kiss, as it is known in the state of Minas Gerais, is another example of a typical sweet for the June festivities, but it is still appetizing and can be prepared on several occasions.

51. Traditional paçoca: recipe with the possibility of sweet or salty variation, paçoca takes peanuts, an oilseed source of energy, vitamins and minerals as its base ingredient.

52. Spoon paçoquinha: here the famous paçoquinha is more creamy, ideal to be served in individual portions, besides not being cloying, according to the author of the recipe.

53. Pé de moleque: in this recipe, Lu Ferreira presents a sweet that he used to consume in his childhood: the pé de moleque. Easy and practical recipe. The difference lies in the use of brown sugar instead of melted sugar.

54. Pé de Moça: mixture of pé de moleque with brigadeiro, it still brings the peanut crunchiness as a highlight of the candy, without making it too hard as is the case with pé de moleque.

chocolate desserts

55. Brownie: North American dessert, with a texture between cake and cookie. This recipe uses dark, semisweet, and walnuts to make it crunchier.

56. Italian straw with walnuts: Italian straw is basically a brigadeiro dough ready to roll with broken cornstarch cookies. Here, there is the addition of nuts, resulting in a mixture…

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