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7 Tips to Detect Lies Instantly

Even with those who can convincingly lie, body language tends to reveal real intentions. And this happens because the liar usually ignores the signs that the body gives, preferring to focus on words and facial expressions. Psychologists believe that, precisely for this reason, the key to detecting lies lies in body language. Therefore, knowing more about her can be useful so that you are not the victim of any fuss.

Certain individuals lie better than others. And although there is no unquestionable sign that points with 100% certainty that someone is lying, the awesome.club discovered some signs that make it easier to identify the moment when someone is missing the truth.

1. Identify the breaks

Among the most common cues linked to the voice that the liar usually leaves are the pauses, so pay attention to them. If the person takes long pauses or their speech is full of interruptions, know that your interlocutor is probably lying, and trying to buy time to think about what to say. The use of interjections such as “er,” “huuum,” and “I mean” should also be taken into account.

2. Pay attention to the duration of emotions

Usually, real emotions last a maximum of 5 seconds. If someone expresses emotions for longer than that, they are certainly faking it. You can’t keep the same facial expression for 10 seconds, can you? So it’s good to keep an eye out for that.

3. Analyze the mistaken notion of time

4. Check the sincerity of emotions

Real emotions are always honest, and it’s not always easy to reproduce them artificially. Therefore, it is good to try to analyze the sincerity of what is shown by your interlocutor. An indicator of the sincerity of emotions is the fact that they affect the face as a whole. For example, if the person smiles, the lips shouldn’t be the only ones moving – a sincere smile also involves the appearance of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and eyebrows turning down. The same rule applies to any other emotion.

5. Watch out for repetitions

Although many people find it difficult to translate their thoughts into words; exaggeration in the repetitions can indicate that that person is lying. If he or she constantly repeats something he or she has said, it’s possibly because he or she is trying to convince you or himself, watching your reaction to see if the strategy is working.

6. Respond with the same phrases and words used in the question

The choice of words is also very revealing. When the person uses the same expressions that were used in the question, it is because they are not feeling comfortable enough, seeking to corroborate what the interlocutor said, for fear of saying too much and ending up revealing what they do not want. Repeating the question before answering it is also a bad sign – this is what many liars resort to in order to gain time and be able to think of an answer.

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7. Cover your face or mouth

One of the most easily noticed signs of a liar’s body language is an attempt to cover their face or mouth. It is very common to observe this attitude in those who are lying, since it is a psychological reaction. In case someone acts like this when talking to you, be smart not to be passed backwards.

Do you consider yourself a good liar? Have you ever been in a situation where someone else tried to convince you of something totally absurd? Leave a comment with your story!

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