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7 tattoo care at the beach and pool to play in the summer

The heat has arrived and with it comes exposure to the sun, chlorine and the sea, which can damage your tattoos. To enjoy the season without any problems, check out the tattoo care tips at the beach and pool that dermatologist Renata Marques (CRM-RJ 814717) gave us! Look that:

Avoid going to the beach and pool with the newly done tattoo

The doctor says that recent tattoos should be protected with hypoallergenic dressings and with photoprotection. Also, avoid sun exposure for about 30 days, until all the crusts come off.

Don’t leave the sunscreen aside

This is because the ultraviolet radiation attacks the pigments of the drawing. Apply the filter, preferably with a high protection factor, and reapply every 2 hours without fail. Also reapply after bathing in the sea and swimming pool or after excessive sweating.

Keep the skin hydrated

The sun’s rays, sea salt and chlorine present in swimming pools can dry out the tattoo. Therefore, always moisturize the drawings so that they remain with a beautiful color and appearance.

Beware of Chlorine

This element can cause arts to fade. Colored ones are more susceptible to this problem, but black ones are not unscathed. So take care of hydration and don’t spend excessive time in the pool.

Wash the tattoo with mild soap

“Washing the place in the bath with neutral soap is important to also avoid post-sun fading”, points out Renata.

avoid friction

Another important care with the tattoo at the beach and pool indicated by the dermatologist is not to rub the bath towel excessively, as well as not to keep the grains of sand rubbing against the skin.

And have fun!

Don’t forget to enjoy the summer! Hydrate, take care of your skin, protect your tattoos and play in this season full of energy and special moments!

It will be easy to keep your tattoo intact by following these tattoo care at the beach and pool! To rock even more, how about staying on top of trends in female tattoos and book a new tattoo?

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