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7 signs you know someone from a past life

It’s no secret that we believe in reincarnation. Although this constant birth, death, and rebirth can get pretty annoying, there are certainly some magical moments throughout our lives. One of those magical moments you can experience is reuniting with someone you’ve already met. Knowing someone from a past life is an experience so overwhelming that it can lead to unpredictable life changes.

Karma and Reincarnation

Although it seems quite romantic, I have to tell you that when someone like that comes into your life, it comes as a warning that a karmic storm is approaching. Throughout our lives we are “tested” with new experiences so that we can evolve on the spiritual plane. When we “fail” these experiences, karma brings us the same “essence” in different and usually more difficult experiences. Therefore Karma may need to hire people you already know and connect with to make the message clearer. If you think you know someone from a past life, try to find out what messages that person is bringing!

Signs you know someone from a past life

Before we continue, I should probably mention that meeting a person from a past life is rare. To recognize how important that person is and/or maybe from another life has to do with your state of consciousness and spiritual level. In other words, Don’t be sure that others will recognize what you already know. That’s a painful lesson we all witches learn at some point…

1. You click immediately

It’s like you are two different magnets wondering about this planet. When you get close enough, the magnetic field gets stronger, which automatically brings you together and binds you. Have you ever felt that? Well, that’s the first step!

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You usually feel restricted or even socially awkward, but this person effortlessly breaks your “defense mechanism.”

2. Deja Reve

As the name indicates, déjà rêvé is the state in which a person feels that an actual past experience was dreamed of. The déjà rêvé experience is different from a precognitive dream. While the latter refers to a dream that we interpret as a sign of a future event (and whose validity we can confirm afterwards), déjà rêvé is the spontaneous feeling that what we dreamed came before what we are experiencing now.

In other words, when you have this weird feeling that everything you’re experiencing — especially the very first moments of your relationship — are parts of a dream you’ve already seen, things are getting serious. This “dream” may actually be a reminder of the “Akasha Archive” where all of life’s information is stored. We actually get a glimpse of life that is about to begin just before we are born. In this insight we see some of the people and events that can change our lives. Déjà Rêvé is actually a past life recollection or reading of the Akashic Archives.

3. You think you just know this person

One of the most classic signs that you know someone from a past life is when you feel like you actually know that person. No matter who that person is, you are actually able to read their mind with ease. You intuitively know what that person likes or what that person despises. This happens naturally because you have already “tested” that person in previous lives (or lives) and know how they will respond to similar stimuli.

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4. Meet under “karmic” circumstances

Nothing is normal when you meet someone you know from a past life. At the same time, everything feels like it should be. This person is a bearer of arcane wisdom. Your past life is here to remind you of things you may have forgotten.

This person may come into your life unexpectedly, in a chat room, after a car accident, or during a hospital stay, etc. Pay attention to the landscape. It may have to tell you a lot about why that person came back.


5. Overwhelming emotions

In your past lives you have come across several experiences that have connected you with this person. A classic sign that you know someone from a past life is when you are hit with a tidal wave of emotions. did you feel it You really can’t explain it. It’s not that you fancy him/her… it’s just… karmic!

You may be miles apart, but you still feel connected. Or maybe you’ve never had the chance to meet this person, but you immediately feel so much like something awakened inside you.

6. Strange things that happen together

That might seem a bit far-fetched, but it’s true, especially when it comes to natural phenomena. Have you noticed that the sun always shines when you’re together, or that it’s always windy or raining? Pay attention to signs and omens from nature. Do you always have a crow following you? Do you watch roses or butterflies hanging around you together?

7. Times go crazy when they’re together

Do conversations feel like you’ve entered a time warp? Or are you forgetting the time? When you’re together, you feel that time is so relative. You can’t believe it’s getting dark so quickly or you have hundreds of unanswered calls because you’ve muted your phone and people are starting to worry.

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Especially when you are around that person, time flows in a rather magical way, defying your control.

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