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7 science-proven benefits of music

There is one thing that all people – or at least most people – agree: music makes life better. In a sad or difficult time, listening to your favorite songs can give you more courage. And in happy moments, it’s a great way to celebrate!

In addition, knowing or learning to play a musical instrument can also be good for children and adults, including improving their professional and social lives.

Even though many people have already verified the power of music, science decided to prove it and, through research, came to surprising conclusions about its benefits. Look!

1. Listening to music reduces stress

Especially slower classical music generates a calming effect. Those who have difficulty dealing with stress, can seek this style. One study actually showed that this type of music had more powerful effects on reducing anxiety than anti-anxiety drugs.

2. Listening to music improves endurance

A lot of research is being carried out on this subject and it has already shown that music can increase stamina by 15%. During a workout, for example, if you always feel like you’re lasting longer when listening to music, chances are you’re right.

3. Music can make you healthier

There are proven health benefits simply from listening to music. Listening to music can release dopamine, which generates pleasure, like eating or having sex. This is good news if you’re dieting! You may be able to replace the pleasure gained from your favorite foods with your favorite music.

4. Singing in a group makes you happier

Have you ever noticed that people who sing in a choir seem very happy? It’s not just your imagination. Science explains that singing along with another person, even for great singers, has positive effects. If you feel like you’re too shy, you can just keep singing in the shower, but do it often.

5. Learning an instrument makes you more successful

Research shows a relationship between learning to play an instrument as a child and becoming successful as an adult. So if you were always upset with your parents for forcing you to take music lessons, thank them! And, if you have kids, put them to learn an instrument too.

6. Tapping makes you smarter

If you didn’t learn it as a child, that’s fine. Start now. Research shows that it can boost your IQ by up to seven points. Even if the goal is not to become a pro, you don’t even have to play well, just try to learn and dedicate yourself.

7. Improves memory

Music helps the brain to develop in several areas, memory being one of the most significant. So, if you’re worried about having a bad memory, consider learning to play an instrument.

According to research, classical music is the one that causes these effects the most. But that doesn’t mean that the benefits can’t be obtained with other musical styles, as each person has their preferences and knows what works best in each situation.

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