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7 questions we should ask the dentist in an appointment

Visiting the dentist often is a way to prevent cavities and unwanted problems in the future. That’s because dental check-up brings numerous health benefits, including the rest of the body. But you need to stay tuned and ask the dentist some questions so that you conquer healthy and white teeth.

1 – Brushing

First of all, ask for information on how to properly sanitize your teeth. “It is necessary for the patient to make circular movements on both the upper and lower teeth”, says Themis Torres, an orthodontist.

2 – Dental floss

Asking for information about the ideal movements to floss your teeth also prevents cavities and gum inflammation. “Both correct brushing and flossing are essential, as this is how you remove the residue that was left in the middle of the tooth and eliminate bacterial plates, which cause caries and gingivitis, for example”, guides Themis.

3 – Position of the teeth

During the appointment, the dentist will examine your dental arch to see if your teeth are all aligned. But don’t forget to ask if you don’t need to undergo an exam, such as an X-ray. “As in the medical clinic, dentists first analyze the cause of the problem and recommend specific tests for the diagnosis. Only then will the best treatment be indicated”, says the orthodontist.

4 – Whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth, you need to bring a list of questions so you can keep the result longer. Write down the main questions:

    Allowed foods:

    Ask your dentist what foods and drinks are suitable to prevent tooth decay. “It is ideal to look for foods with the lowest level of coloring, for example, the lighter ones”, says Themis.

    Forbidden foods:

    Also ask what foods should be out of your diet. “Grape juices, sodas or foods with a high content of dyes should be avoided completely,” comments Themis.


    Teeth will receive special care during whitening. Therefore, ask your dentist what is the best way to clean them and if there is a need to apply any type of product.

5 – Day by day

To avoid cavities or bacterial plaques, ask your dentist which hygiene products you can include in your daily oral cleaning.

6 – Breath

If bad breath isn’t caused by an irregularity in your stomach, ask your dentist for advice. “Bad breath can be related to bleeding in the mouth, gingivitis and even accumulation of residue on the tongue. A lot of people don’t brush because they feel mild nausea. If the problem persists, even with medical advice, it is necessary to seek help at the medical clinic”, warns Themis.

7 – Break

Does your tooth break very easily? It is necessary to comment with the dentist during the consultation so that he can carry out exams and guide you to change your diet. “The break may be related to genetic problems and the absence of calcium during childhood. Only the dentist will be able to analyze and suggest the best treatments,” he says.

Follow the tips and write down any other questions that arise after the appointment, for the next time you go to the office. In addition, it is important to follow with discipline what he recommends. Remember: it is necessary to visit your trusted dentist at least every 6 months.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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