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7 practical and quick hairstyles for summer

With the summer and high temperatures, having long hair becomes a big nuisance and many women even consider a shorter cut at this time of year. But, for those who don’t want to get rid of the locks and still manage to soften the heat in a practical way, the solution is to appeal to hairstyles that leave the nape of the neck and neck exposed.

Here are some possibilities, ranging from hairstyles that hold all the hair, for days when it is not possible not to leave your neck out, to hairstyles that hold part of the hair or leave the hair loose, for those who do not give up, even in the heat. . Check out:

1. Ponytail

It is possible that the ponytail is the first hairstyle that every woman learns to do. Simple and quick, it’s great for hot days and when there’s little time available for a more elaborate hairstyle. But it’s not because it’s so simple that the ponytail always needs to be the same.

In addition to the possibility of using the most diverse accessories, such as elastic bands, headbands, buckles and bows, the height at which the ponytail is made makes all the difference in the look, as well as the combinations. You can combine the ponytail with a tuft, loose strands, knots or small braids, for example. You can also make a hairstyle more up or messy, all depending on the style and the occasion.

In the video below, blogger Lu Ferraes shows the step-by-step of a different ponytail, with a ponytail, volume and messy.

2. Braids

Braids, in addition to being practical, are very useful for creating romantic looks and for dealing with the days when your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. And the variety is immense. There are neater, more laid-back, traditional, inverted, built-in, side, fish scale braids, maxi braids, braid headbands, braided buns and a multitude of possibilities.

In the following video, blogger Niina Secrets teaches you how to do a flat braid and an inverted flat braid.

3. Coke

Practical and quick, the bun is a versatile hairstyle that never goes out of style, it can be done in any type of hair and used in the most diverse occasions.

Among the many possibilities of using this hairstyle, there is the low bun, more traditional; the high bun or ballerina bun, which is on top of the head; side bun, knot bun, fan bun and shredded bun. All of them can be assembled in a more structured or more relaxed way, with loose threads, or more voluminous, always depending on the occasion in which it will be used.

In the video below, blogger Niina also teaches how to make a stripped fan bun, great to be used in more informal situations.

4. Twisted hairstyle

More than just a hairstyle, a twist is a kind of “decoration” that can completely change another hairstyle, such as a bun, braid or ponytail.

In addition to being simple, it is a very feminine hairstyle, and can be used even with loose hair.

To do this, it is necessary to separate and twist small strands of hair in the desired direction, pinning them to the sides of the head or back. Use bobby pins and hairspray to finish.

Blogger Bruna Pacífico shows, in the video, how to make an easy and charming twisted hairstyle, which can be used on several occasions.

In this other video, Brunna Fabrício opts for a more elegant option, which can be used peacefully at a party.

Vic Ceridono, in turn, shows her version of the twisted hairstyle, appealing to an accessory to assemble what she calls “the hairstyle that French women love”.

5. Semi-arrested

For women who don’t like or don’t want to hold all their hair, there are also options that match the summer weather very well.

The first of these options is semi-updo, a romantic hairstyle that looks great on both straight and curly and voluminous hair.

To assemble it, simply pull a few strands from the top of your head back and secure the strands like a ponytail, with an elastic band or buckle. Alternatively, you can make the ponytail as if it were the beginning of a Greek braid, as shown by Roberta Mello in the following video.

6. Natural waves

Wavy hair goes well with summer, beach and heat. For those who already have naturally wavy hair, the secret is to achieve a natural effect without setting it up. This can be done by applying a mousse or fixing spray to the still damp strands, which must be kneaded by hand, from ends to length, and then dried with a diffuser.

For those women who don’t have wavy hair, or want to achieve a more striking effect, just follow one of the tutorials below. In the first one, Victoria Emi explains how to make waves very similar to natural ones using the board. In the second, Jessica Flores shows how to achieve the same effect with the curling iron. And in the third, Mari Leon shows three alternative techniques for those who don’t have or don’t use a board or babyliss. Check out:

with flat iron

with curling iron

No flat iron or curling iron

7. Wet effect hair

Hair with a wet effect, in addition to being quick, practical, and difficult to get out of place, is very suitable for the summer, as it gives the impression that the person has just come out of the bath or pool. The look ends up conveying a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, but to get this effect to last a long time without setting or spoiling, you need to apply a good gel combined with a setting spray.

A good tip for the wet effect to be more beautiful is to mix a little coconut oil or some other finishing oil to the gel at the time of application. This ensures extra shine and prevents the gel from drying out the hair.

By the way, when it comes to gel, always opt for alcohol-free formulations, which are less aggressive to the hair and also have great fixation.

25 more cool hairstyle ideas

All the hairstyles mentioned can be used on all types of hair, but curly and frizzy hair, due to its type and volume, allow for very beautiful and easy variations.

In the video below, Camilla Santana shows no less than 25 hairstyle possibilities for curly and frizzy hair, most with the back of the neck and neck exposed, that is, great for use on hot days. Check out:

Summer hair care

Hair care should take place throughout the year, in all seasons, however, according to Alan Cocolo, owner and hairstylist of Salão Prime, located in the interior of São Paulo, during the summer, due to the excess of beach and pool. , the care with the wires must be redoubled.

According to him, “it is mandatory to use leave-in with sunscreen daily. This product, available in numerous brands, can be easily found today. It protects from pollution and also from the sun’s rays. Another essential attitude is to bet on weekly nutrition and hydration masks, especially those with amino acids or vegetable oils in their composition.” In the case of very fine hair, Cocolo recommends that the leave in be replaced by a spray, so that the strands are not heavy. Curly ones can opt for more moisturizing products, even with silicone.

The hairstylist emphasizes that leave in is essential before entering the sea or pool. If the hair is platinum blonde, care needs to be even greater, due to the damage that this type of procedure causes. Thus, the person “must use two types of mask: one for reconstruction and the other for nutrition. It is worth remembering that the reconstruction makes the wires more rigid, this is part of the reconstruction, so it is necessary to nourish, to leave the wires with a silky and soft touch.”

Alan still gives a very important tip: “For blondes to avoid the greenish strands after a pool bath, the tip is to wait at least two weeks after the touch-up to take a dip. I also recommend the use of masks and high-end repairers with a protection factor after a day at the beach, to ensure that the wires are nourished and healthy”.

To close the advice regarding this time of year, the hairstylist recommends that those who have long hair avoid “entering the beach or pool with their hair loose, as this way they absorb a greater amount of chlorine or salt. It is advisable to enter with wet hair, preferably with mineral water” and, whenever possible, let the hair dry naturally.

With these care and practical hairstyles, your hair will go through the summer looking beautiful, healthy and well-groomed, so you can enjoy the best of the season.

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