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7 online yoga channels for you to practice wherever you are

Yoga is a practice that seeks the connection between body and mind and has become increasingly popular. Online yoga is a great option for those who want to practice at home and still have the instruction of a teacher or teacher. Want to know the best online yoga channels? So, keep reading!

1. Fernanda Yoga

The yoga teacher Fernanda Raiol’s channel has been posting content about the practice on YouTube since 2018. On the channel, you will find weekly videos of classes for all levels and for different purposes. In addition, in the description of each video, there are complementary links for you to learn and better observe each posture of the class, thus deepening more and more. Worth checking out!

2. Pri Milk Yoga

Yoga instructor Pri Leite has a well-known YouTube channel that includes different types of classes: for flexibility, strengthening, for pregnant women, among others. Surely some of them will make sense to you! The teacher has a didactic and accessible dynamic, in addition to transmitting peace and lightness in her practices!

3. Bruna Bali

Bruna Bali is a yoga teacher and works only with women! This means that her content is aimed at the female audience, with yoga classes for pre-menstrual tension days and even for self-esteem and empowerment. Were you curious? Check out the videos and rediscover yourself through yoga!

4. Fernanda Cunha Yoga

Yoga teacher Fernanda Cunha produces content related to meditation, the role of yoga and tips to connect with the present moment. It is a channel for those who want to change their lifestyle, practice yoga online and enjoy its benefits!

5. Yoga Mudra Raissa Zoccal

Yoga Mudra is the channel where you can find various yoga practices and guided meditations to relax on the busiest of days. Teacher Raissa Zoccal’s classes are super interesting for you to be able to focus better on the now and connect with your body! Try it and see the difference!

6. Yoga For You

The Yoga Para Você channel is run by the couple of yoga teachers Luciana Prakash and Ricardo Mitra. On YouTube they post online yoga classes and guided meditation for you to benefit from the practice whenever and wherever you are. With weekly videos and lots of tips, this is a very complete channel and worth checking out!

7. Babi Rezende – Balance in Practice

Yoga teacher Babi Rezende has a channel full of tips for practicing yoga and classes for you to do in any room at home. If you are a beginner in yoga, the channel has classes that will help you start this activity. In addition, Babi gives several tips on how to incorporate yoga into your routine in a practical way!

Now that you know different ways to practice yoga online, just put on comfortable clothes and get started! And, to make it more fun, how about calling someone and taking a yoga class together?

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