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7 neat looks to dribble the hottest days

Summer is undoubtedly the “longest” season for Brazilian women. And hot days usually require greater attention in assembling the looks and especially in choosing the pieces to face the high temperatures.

When choosing these looks, it is essential to prioritize fabrics and pieces that are fresher. In addition to these concerns, some special occasions still require greater elegance and sophistication.

Some pieces, even for summer, but with an exquisite cut, such as tailored shorts, for example, can provide elegance to the look, without losing the comfort and freshness of a piece like shorts, keeping the legs exposed.

Check below seven outfit ideas for occasions such as religious celebrations, fancy dinners or even for work, and that above all are good alternatives for hot days.

The tips below, prepared in collaboration with the style consultant Danyla Borobia, can optimize your time as they suggest ready-made combinations of clothing items, as well as suggestions for shoes and other accessories to harmonize the looks.

1. Tailored shorts and fine fabric blouse

Tailored shorts differ from regular shorts for their more structured shape and generally for the greater sophistication of the fabric, which differs from traditional jeans. When choosing this piece, it is interesting to note that if the intention is to reduce the volume of the hip, the woman should opt for plain fabrics, avoiding prints that create dimension to the region.

To match the shorts, shirts or blouses in silk, or similar fabrics, are good options, as the consultant Danyla endorses: “The fabric of the blouse makes all the difference, in addition to giving a ‘up’ to the look, it also makes the woman fresh on hot days.” On the feet, shoes with heels can be adopted, for example, but in the most comfortable options, there are more elaborate sandals, which can be with rhinestones, or even sneakers.

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2. Little monkey

Monkeys are unique pieces that exude charm and delicacy. In addition to the comfort of the piece, the consultant Danyla also indicates: “Elegance appears in the fabrics and colors. Noble fabrics, such as silk and linen, and neutral and light colors make any look fresh and sophisticated.”

Exquisite shoes such as pumps can complement the look, but if comfort is your priority, wedge sandals are great options, especially espadrilles, which have strings on the heel. Accessories can also complete the look, especially belts that can be a great trick to highlight the waist region.

3. Printed short dresses

If there is one piece that is the face of summer, it is certainly the dress. They can be in different models, fabrics and trims. Danyla gives fundamental tips for choosing the best option for hot days: “The best thing is to look for trims that accompany the silhouette, nothing too tight and uncomfortable, more fluid dresses tend to make the look elegant and fresh”.

To finish off the look with great elegance, thin heel sandals are good options. The ones that the straps are fastened around the ankle create a touch of sensuality. For a more formal occasion, bracelets and earrings can be the differential of your look, and also a clutch bag that harmonizes with the dress and shoes.

4. High waisted skirt and summer shirt

The high waist is a resource to mark the central region of the body and emphasize the silhouette. The combination of this piece with fine fabric shirts can be adaptable to the club or even for a work look, it all depends on the length of the skirt and the transparency of the blouse fabric.

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On how to wear shirts, Danyla teaches how to improve it: “The shirt with fresh fabric can be tied with a knot at the hem and the sleeves can be rolled up to the elbows”. About the combination of the look with the shoes, Danyla says: “The shoes and the colors of the pieces will give the tone of elegance, more neutral colors are more formal and brighter colors are more informal”.

5. Skirt or midi dress

The midi length, which is below the knees, is present in the latest collections of many brands. Length can be present in skirts or dresses and although many women are afraid to wear it because they feel flat, the tip is to invest in shoes that show the shin and ankle or invest in nude shoes, as advised. the fashion consultant.

“In the upper part, deep necklines or off-the-shoulder help elongate the silhouette and refresh the look”, says Danyla. Blouses can also be cropped, and belts are great allies in this look to highlight the silhouette.

6. Tube

The tube model is a classic and is present in many women’s wardrobes.
“This composition goes well in any event and leaves the silhouette elongated”, says Danyla. The consultant also indicates that for the hottest days it is valid to opt for natural fabrics, which provide a greater sensation of freshness in the skin.

Strap sandals provide sophistication to the look, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing this model of footwear, pumps are a great way out, as they leave the ankle exposed, and if they are of a color close to your skin tone, they still help to elongate the silhouette.

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7. Long dress

In some situations the heat is uncomfortable, but it is not possible to show the legs, in these situations long dresses are the best option. When choosing this piece, it is essential to observe the fit of the fabric, so that it defines the silhouette and does not create undesirable volumes, as the consultant advises.

On the feet, the more refined flats provide elegance to the look and the belts can give the final touch and an extra charm to the most basic pieces. Accessories such as necklaces and evident bracelets are also welcome in this combination.

Get inspired by bloggers’ looks

Below you will find a gallery full of images with looks used by Brazilian and international bloggers, which will certainly encourage your creativity in assembling your looks and combining your pieces. They will help you create fresh looks to survive the hottest days with elegance.

Now you already know tips and various combinations to optimize your time in productions and create fresh looks, especially for special occasions. The important thing is to keep in mind that it is essential to stay true to your style and choose looks that make you feel more comfortable and beautiful.

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