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7 must-have tips for long and healthy hair

Having long hair and sporting it around has always been the wish of many women of all ages. However, there is a series of care that we must have to leave the wires more hydrated and well cared for. Interested and want to know how it is possible to accelerate hair growth? Check out sensational tips in this article.

Tips for having long hair

Long hair is beautiful, charming and causes many admiring glances wherever they go. But conquering a healthy hair requires dedication and above all time. That’s why we’ve listed 7 tips for you to have the hair of your dreams.

Avoid using the dryer and flat iron

Excessive heat can end up drying out your strands and making them more fragile and porous. Therefore, the ideal thing is that you use the dryer and flat iron sporadically, so as not to ruin your long hair. If you need to use it more times a week, buy thermal protectors.

Have a balanced diet

To have long hair, it is essential that you take care of your body. So, eat healthy foods, fruits, vegetables and especially salads. Also go to a nutritionist for you to know if there is a need to replace vitamins that help in the growth of wires.

Take care of the hair root

Wash your hair at least three times a week, or every day if your roots are oily. And if you have a curlier curve, avoid putting cream on your scalp so that it doesn’t get clogged and can breathe.

Use oils for growth

Castor oil, combined with other oils, is perfect for those who want to make their hair more beautiful and longer. So make constant wetting and see the result in some time.

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take care of the ends

In addition to the roots, to have long hair you must also take care of the ends. Therefore, use ends repairer and hydration so that they do not become brittle and weak, causing split ends. In fact, if you need to, trim it and then let your hair grow naturally.

Bet on specific products

Use the right products for your yarn type. For example, if you want to have long, blonde or red hair, buy moisturizers and creams that keep your hair healthy. Likewise, if you have curly hair, stick to a nutrition and hydration schedule.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking a significant amount of water during the day will help hydrate not only your body, but your hair as well. So whenever you can, carry a bottle of water with you.

In addition to these tips, it is essential to have the support of a hairdresser to closely assess what your hair needs. Therefore, look for one you trust to carry out intensive maintenance and treatments at the beauty salon.

30 long hair photos to inspire your Rapunzel project

Long hair can have different curls and shades. But what everyone agrees on is that they are perfect. Discover some references and different styles that you will probably fall in love with.

1. Long hair is beautiful

2. Deserve affection and love

3. And all the care in the world

4. To get shiny and silky

5. With a well-groomed look

6. Some people love volume and size

7. Or opt for smoother yarns

8. The length catches everyone’s attention

9. Undoubtedly, every woman has dreamed

10. Or felt like making the wires bigger

11. Also, long hair is a knockout

12. And make women more charming

13. By the way, they can be used in different colors

14. So if you want to be blonde

15. Or make lights

16. It will look beautiful with very long hair

17. It’s sure to be stunning

18. There are those who prefer red

19. Darker shades, such as browns

20. With a long haircut with bangs

21. Or that little black dress

22. Long hair matches all colors

23. Look at the charm of these curly locks

24. They require extra attention

25. Especially with the ends

26. Because they tend to be more dry

27. Than other types of hair

28. In addition to taking time to see the length

29. Now just invest in good products

30. To have perfect long hair

It’s each hair more beautiful than the other and it’s very hard not to want a big hair too. So, check out some videos in the next topic to have more glamorous hair and with enviable health.

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More information about long hair

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Now you’re ready to start your big hair project, aren’t you? Also check out some hairstyles for long hair, to look beautiful on any occasion.

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