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7 interesting facts about perfumes

Everyone has at least one good perfume at home… One that is worn on special occasions and that probably says a lot about your personality.

However, few people stop to think about the creation of a perfume, what is its exclusivity due to, which parts of the body it is most recommended to apply it to, etc. And – apparently not! – but this and other information about perfumes can be very useful in your daily life!

So, if you are also passionate about perfumes, it is worth dedicating a few minutes of your day to read the information and curiosities below:

1. The exclusivity of a perfume

Have you ever stopped to think where the exclusivity of a perfume comes from? What differentiates one from the other?

Alessandra Tucci, perfume specialist and founder of Perfumaria Paralela, a consultancy that works on strategy, innovation and perfumery culture and holds the exclusive license of the French perfumery school Cinquième Sens in Brazil, explains that the perfume is made by a perfumer and it is composed by a series of natural and synthetic raw materials. “The technical knowledge associated with the perfumer’s artistic talent to combine the ingredients is the differential used when creating a perfume”, she highlights.

2. The best spots to splash perfume

Alessandra Tucci explains that the best parts of the body to apply the perfume are: the back of the neck, between the breasts, wrists and even a drop behind the knees. “That’s because they are places of great blood circulation, which facilitates the diffusion of the perfume”, she says.

3. Perfumes related to seduction

Are there really aphrodisiac perfumes?! Alessandra explains that, in fact, nothing in this regard has ever been proven. “There is a lot of talk about pheromones, but nothing has been scientifically proven,” she says.

However, adds the specialist, gourmand perfumes with notes of vanilla and chocolate, perfumes with notes of pepper and nutmeg or perfumes that contain sensual floral notes, such as jasmine and tuberose, convey a connotation of sensuality and seduction.

4. Can too much perfume cause a headache?

Alessandra points out that this is another controversial topic about perfumes, but it has no scientific proof. “But there is a common sense that some people are more susceptible to headaches when exposed to certain smells, which can be from perfumes or other substances, such as gasoline, paint, etc.”, she explains.

5. The relationship between national and imported perfumes

Alessandra Tucci explains that Brazilian perfumery is younger than international perfumery and has been consolidated since the 90’s, acquiring its own creativity, since Brazilian perfumes are developed taking into account the preferences of the local consumer and the climate of our country. country.

“Brazilian perfumery, as well as fashion and other market segments, undoubtedly observes trends in international perfumery and sociocultural movements, in order to create perfumes for the Brazilian market from there”, he adds.

6. Can you use perfume, deodorant and moisturizer?

There is no harm in using your deodorant and your perfume, as the deodorant perfume dosage is low and evaporates quickly.

“The moisturizer, as long as it has a mild or neutral perfume, can be applied to the skin before applying perfumes, as it even helps the perfume stay on the skin – since hydrated skins help to fix the fragrance”, highlights Alessandra.

7. It’s normal to have trouble smelling your own perfume

It is very common to hear reports of people who say they are not feeling the good smell of your perfume.

This is because it is believed that once you get used to the fragrance you wear most often, you will only smell it when you spray it or when you consciously try to pay attention to it.

Other people normally smell your perfume. Therefore, there is a warning: there is no use exaggerating in the application of the fragrance. Get in the habit of always applying the same amount you used when you started using the product.

Now you know: no exaggeration when putting on your favorite perfume! And, if you expect a better fixation of the fragrance, remember to apply a mild moisturizer before applying it. These and other tips and curiosities can be very useful in your daily life!

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