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7 good reasons for you to let go of some pieces of your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe so full that you’re afraid to open the door and be surprised by an avalanche of blouses, pants and bags? Can’t you find anything else in the midst of your own mess?

Well then, it’s time to fix it! If you’re one of those people who get very attached to objects, it can be really hard to get rid of an item, even if you don’t use it anymore.

With that in mind, we have listed 7 very positive reasons for you to take courage and finally get rid of that bunch of stuff that only takes up space in your closet and in your life. Check out:

1. It will take you less time to get ready

It’s not easy to find the perfect look for an occasion when the piece you’re looking for is buried under a mountain of unused clothes. A crowded wardrobe makes it difficult to see your pieces, making it take you much longer to find what you want to wear.

By getting rid of those pieces that you no longer use, your closet will be freer and more organized, allowing you to see all the options available and choose the ideal piece much faster.

2. Make room for new parts

Where are you going to put your new pair of shoes if your closet is already overflowing? If you just throw everything in there, your shoes can wrinkle and even mold from the lack of air circulation.

The same goes for clothes: with a closet full of clothes, it’s going to be hard to hang a new shirt without leaving it all wrinkled.

So, before buying new pieces, it’s best to make room in the closet, ensuring that you will have somewhere to accommodate them. In this case, the golden rule is: whenever you buy or get a new item, you must get rid of an old one.

3. You will create awareness about the items you already have

Who never came home with a new piece and discovered that they already had an identical one, which was forgotten in the middle of the mess? His money would probably have been better spent on an unpublished play.

By getting rid of excesses, you will be more aware of the items you have, preventing you from acquiring repeated pieces or stop using your clothes and accessories simply because you forgot they existed.

4. Renew your energies and get rid of accumulated dust

Stall energy is not good: unused, torn and stained objects only serve to gather dust, occupy space and block the energy of the environment. With so much sitting around you, you could end up feeling less energetic — or have a bout of rhinitis.

By getting rid of what no longer matches your current moment, you will renew the energies of your wardrobe and your bedroom, and this will certainly be reflected in your state of mind. Make room for the new air to reach you.

5. Gather a buck

Do you have parts that are practically new, but that for some reason have not been used? Whether it’s because you’ve changed your style, lost weight, gained weight or for any other reason, it may happen that you accumulate pieces in perfect condition, but you don’t like them anymore.

This is the perfect occasion to save some money! One of the ways to do this is by advertising your pieces on websites specializing in the sale of used items or even on Facebook.

Or, you can gather your friends, set up a complete bazaar and invite “customers” to the event. Not to mention that you can always swap parts with each other.

6. Do a good deed

If you have pieces in good condition, but you don’t use them anymore, how about giving them a nice destination and donating them to those in need? We don’t even need to mention that, unfortunately, it’s not difficult to find people who can’t afford to buy clothes or even replace very old pieces.

If you don’t really know who to give these pieces to, you can look for an institution such as shelters for vulnerable children, nursing homes and charity hospitals or ask your city hall.

7. Totally change your style and start a new life

Have you ended a relationship, left your old job, or moved to another city? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to renew your style and your life! Take out the pieces that represent your old self from the closet and allow yourself to reinvent yourself.

Adopting a new style can help you let go of the past and take on your new life, with dreams and goals that make sense for you right now. Sometimes, external transformation is the help that was needed to complete an internal change.

How to get rid of unused parts and give them a proper destination

If your wardrobe is in chaos, it is quite possible that you will have some difficulties getting rid of unused pieces. But don’t worry, there is a technique to help you in this quest.

The first step is to take out the items you haven’t used in a long time out of the closet. Next, you must separate three boxes, in which the clothes will be classified between “fix”, “donate” and “throw away”.

If you still like a piece, but you don’t wear it because it’s seamed, a button is missing, or the zipper is broken, put it in your tidy box. This box must be taken to the seamstress or cobbler immediately, or you risk putting it off forever.

If the piece is in good condition, but you don’t use it because it’s too tight, it’s not your style anymore or it brings you bad memories, it should be placed in the donation box, which will go to a charity of your choice.

Finally, if the garment is stained or torn, or if it’s an underwear, put it in the third box – these items should go straight to the trash. Courage! This organization will only do well!

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