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7 Famous Couples Who Regret Divorced And Got Back With Their Exes

Love is a feeling that involves several aspects, and that has not yet been studied in all its depth. Proof of this is the large number of couples around the world who separate and, after some time, reconcile. There are even those who remarry their ex. And of course, these complexities also involve celebrities.

O awesome.club took as an example some famous people to show how complicated love can be, often bordering on the incomprehensible. If not, how else could we explain the reasons that led these couples to get back together after some time apart?

Jean-Claude van Damme and Gladys Portuguese

Actor and martial arts master Jean-Claude van Damme married 5 times, and two of them were with the same woman: Gladys Portugues.

The two met in the 1980s, when van Damme was a regular in action movies. At that time, Gladys was already a successful athlete, who had won bodybuilding championships in the USA. In 1987, they got married. Some time later, they had two children: Kristopher and Bianca Van Varenberg. The couple’s union did not last long and in 1992 they divorced.

Already in 1999, rumors appeared in the media that van Damme and Gladys had married for the second time, which had actually happened. It is worth mentioning that the two are still together to this day.

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

The story about how Pamela Anderson met Salomon has been told in several interviews. This happened when the blonde lost $250,000 to her future husband during a poker game. The star of “SOS Malibu” did not want to give up that sum of money, and proposed an alternative: in order not to have to pay the debt, the actress accepted to go to a romantic dinner with her rival in the game. In 2007, after a brief and intense romance, the couple made the relationship official. A few months later, however, they broke up.

However, in 2013, fate brought Pamela and Salomon together again. They married in secret for the second time. Today, the ex-spouses are no longer together, but perhaps history will repeat itself.

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson

Actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson met on the set of a movie in 1971. The friendship didn’t take long to develop into a romance and, after a few months, the courtship turned into marriage. But the union only lasted until January 1976. That same year, the couple’s separation was made official.

For almost 12 years, the two followed to the letter the oath not to see each other again after the separation, but fate had other plans. In 1988, Melanie and Johnson got married for the second time. The result was the birth of the couple’s daughter, Dakota. However, the two are no longer together.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott met each other in the late 1980s when they were still in high school. The girl was 13 years old, and the future rapper, 15. Some time later, the two began to live together and, in 1995, they had a daughter, Hailie.

Officially, the couple legalized the union after almost 10 years of their first meeting, in 1999. This was before Eminem met world fame through music. During an interview, Kim revealed that the main reason for their marriage was a desire to keep Eminem on a “short leash” during his tour. However, the strategy did not work very well and, in 2001, they parted ways.

But on January 14, 2006, the two remarried, just on the 15th anniversary of their first meeting. However, the second union lasted only 41 days. Today, the exes are friends and have always been divided in raising their daughter.

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

Their relationship began in 2008: Talulah was 22 years old, and Musk was in the process of negotiating with NASA, with which he ended up signing a contract worth 1.6 billion dollars for the supply of rockets for his companies. “She was like Cinderella.” That was how the girl was described by an employee, due to the first impression made. In 2010, the couple made the relationship official, but the divorce would come 2 years later.

However, they remained each other’s exes for less than a year. In 2013, they married for the second time. In October 2016, the couple divorced again.

Pink and Carey Hart

The relationship between the singer Pink and her ex-husband Carey Hart began in 2001. It was in that year that fate brought the two young people together during the filming of the video for the song “Just Like a Pill”. The courtship picked up quickly, and the couple literally did not let go, even reminiscent of a modern fairy tale. However, 2 years later, they announced their separation.

After a year, Pink and Hart, to the surprise of many, got back together and, six months later, were married. On that occasion, it was the singer who asked for her beloved’s hand in marriage. The union only lasted 2 years. The divorce document indicates that the separation took place because of “irreconcilable differences”. But in reality, they just took a break for 11 months, putting their toothbrushes back together again after that.

Bonus: Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault were married 3 times but never divorced

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault met in 2006, when they were both over 40 years old. After a year, Valentina was born, their daughter. In February 2009, the couple made the union official in Paris. Secretly, the ceremony was only for the closest people. However, the marriage would not end there: a few months later, the spouses would celebrate their relationship again, this time in Venice.

After 9 years, in August 2018, the actress and the mogul returned to exchange vows of eternal love. Salma and Pinault’s third “wedding” took place on a beach, in the presence of their 11-year-old daughter and some guests.

Certainly, most of our readers know what it’s like to fall in love. So we asked: what do you think of the idea of ​​giving an ex a second chance after a breakup? Is a divorce forever? Leave your comment!

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