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7 benefits of star fruit to include the fruit in your diet

Carambola is a fruit originally from India introduced in Brazil in 1817. The fruit comes from a small tree, the star fruit, and contains several beneficial properties for health. Next, check out the explanations of nutritionist Izabella Imianovsky (CRN10 5729 – SC) about the benefits of this food and understand the ideal amount of consumption and contraindications.

7 benefits of star fruit that will encourage you to consume this fruit

For starters, the professional explained in more detail the benefits of star fruit for health. Check out:

  • Controls cholesterol: Izabella explained that the fruit helps reduce the absorption of fat from food. With this, it controls total cholesterol and helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL);
  • It helps to prevent diabetes: “because it has enough fiber, it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from other foods, having hypoglycemic action”, said the nutritionist;
  • Improves intestinal functioning: the professional explained that “due to the amount of fiber in star fruit and because it has prebiotic action, this strengthens the beneficial bacteria to the body, improving intestinal transit”;
  • It can help with colds and flu: Izabella also said that star fruit is rich in vitamin C, so it reduces these infections in the body and strengthens the immune system;
  • It favors weight loss: as it is a fruit that has few calories, with plenty of fiber and water, it generates satiety, helping in the slimming process;
  • It helps control blood pressure: according to the nutritionist, “because it has hypotensive action, it regulates blood pressure and contributes to blood pressure control”;
  • Prevents the formation of tumors and some cancers: in addition to all the benefits already mentioned, Izabella added that star fruit also has antioxidant properties, which improve immunity and help prevent tumors.

This food is beneficial for health, but be aware of excesses: according to the nutritionist, the ideal amount for consumption is one star fruit a day.

Is carambola bad?

Despite having several benefits, nutri Izabella explained that “star fruit is bad for those who have kidney problems, because it contains caramboxin (a toxic substance). So those who have changes in the kidney, have difficulty eliminating this substance, and may have symptoms such as hiccups, vomiting, mental confusion, convulsions and can even lead to death”.

7 recipes with star fruit to enjoy the best of the fruit

In view of all these benefits and also aware that the fruit is contraindicated for those who have kidney problems, it’s time to check out delicious recipes that will convince you to consume this food on a daily basis! Look that:

1. Star fruit juice

If you still can’t consume this food in its original form, you can start by preparing a juice. This is a good choice for hot days, as it has a delicious bittersweet taste. And the best? It’s very easy to prepare! Check out!

2. Star fruit liqueur

If you are one of those who likes to prepare drinks with fruits, you will love to know this recipe. Here, you can dare and prepare a delicious liqueur. Watch the video to see all the ingredients needed and how to prepare!

3. Cashew caipirosca with star fruit

With vodka, carambola, cashew and sugar you can prepare a delicious caipirosca! This drink is great for all occasions, ideal for those who like different drinks that have fruit in the preparation.

4. Caramel caramel

Another way to include this fruit on the menu is to make it caramelized. The result is similar to caramelized coconut and can be an option for those who still can’t eat the fruit naturally. See the full recipe in the video.

5. Star fruit mousse

Want to innovate and make a delicious dessert with this fruit? Then you will love to check out the step by step of this recipe. The best part is that very few ingredients are needed, just star fruit, condensed milk and unflavored gelatin.

6. Star fruit jelly

How about making a delicious jelly to spread on bread? You will definitely like this version with carambola! In the video, you can check out all the details of how to prepare this delight!

7. Star fruit jam

Another option is to make a compote with the fruit. Similar to the previous recipe, not many ingredients are needed here. Press play to learn the recipe!

Have you ever thought about the way you will consume this fruit in your daily life? Remember to always be attentive to the ideal amount and avoid excesses. If you are looking to maintain a balanced diet, enjoy and learn about the benefits of strawberry.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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