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60 phrases from mother to baby in the belly that show complicity and love

The family is growing and so is my belly. I feel like a mother from the first second of the two of us!

I don’t mind waiting for you, because I know you need your time to be born healthy, my baby! I just want you to know how much you are loved and expected, my son.

You’ve changed so much around here. You taught me such a beautiful love. I know it will be difficult when you are born, but I can’t wait for that to happen.

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to meet you. My baby, you are already the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

Here is my love, my dream, my fulfillment: my baby!

My baby, know that I always want to respect your time, your wishes and who you are. We will be more than mother and daughter, we will be friends!

I’ve been a mother since the first day I knew you were growing on me. I already love you so much, my baby!

A little angel grows in me and I love talking to him in my belly, because I know he understands me!

Time is flying and you keep reminding me, with every kick, that time is passing and soon I’ll see you. It feels so good to feel you in my belly!

I’m preparing everything for your arrival here and I want you to know the beautiful side of life!

What a beautiful thing the connection we are forming. Imagine what it will be like when you are born!

For the first 9 months of your life, I will be your partner, and when you are born, I will support your dreams for eternity.

A little seed grows in me and I’ve never loved something so small so much!

I dream to hold you in my arms and make you feel all the love I already have for you!

I know you feel how much I love you and give you kicks of joy to say you love me too!

I’m looking forward to meeting your little face and holding you in my arms, but it’s already beautiful to have you growing inside me.

My belly is your home for as long as you need it. I love you, my baby!

We have so much to live for, but I want to focus on what we’re living right now. Grow healthy inside my oven!

The miracle of life is forming in me. I already feel like a mother and mother to the most special being in the world.

The bun that is growing on me will take 9 months to be ready. It’s time for him to come out perfect!

There’s a baby in my belly, my baby. Being your mother is everything I ever dreamed of!

I have so many dreams for us for when you are born. You have no idea how much we’re going to live, my baby!

For those who have always dreamed of being a mother, waiting another 9 months will be easy. I love you my baby!

I didn’t even know there was an emptiness in my heart the size of you, my baby. I’m already very lucky to have you in my belly.

Every day more anxious to see you arrive. I want you to know your second home, because the first is my belly.

In my thoughts, I only love you, in my heart too. In my belly, you have all the space to grow and develop. You complete me in an indescribable way!

What a beautiful thing pregnancy is that prepares you for life, my baby. How good it is for us to create this bond within me.

I know we already know each other and talk a lot, but I’m looking forward to seeing your little face and discovering how beautiful you are!

I look forward to your arrival and to say, looking into your eyes, what I say every day: I love you!

You are the most important thing in my life and you haven’t even been born yet. I already do everything just to see you well, I even stopped eating things I like, but that make you sick.

You already own my life and all my plans. I love you my baby!

Being a mother has always been my destiny and being your mother has always been my dream!

I don’t have you in my arms yet, but I have you in my belly and I already feel that we will be very happy together!

I already feel a great connection between us, my baby. You and I will be great friends!

Love is multiplying in me and growing with my belly. It’s already so good to be your mother!

I want to show you the world that I know and that I love. I want you to be very happy when you are born!

In my heart, it’s only you. How I want you to be born soon so I can hold you in my arms.

My baby, I promise to enjoy all your phases and let you discover the world with your own hands.

I will protect you, but I will also let you live. Know that you will always be free, my baby!

It’s already been beautiful being your mother and you weren’t even born. Imagine what it will be like when we are together!

I talk to my belly because I know you hear me and you answer me with a kick, saying that you are happy to hear my voice.

We are two who inhabit this body and I’m so happy with everything he was able to do to welcome you!

The most important part of my life is growing in my belly. You are my everything, my baby!

It’s such a power to generate you in my belly. Our bond is strong from that moment, my baby!

All the changes I’m going through will be nothing compared to when you were born. I’m looking forward to it all, my baby!

I am the mother of a little being that doesn’t stop growing and is already so agitated. It’s going to cause a lot of adventures out here!

I’m crazy to see you arrive, I’m crazy to have you in my hands.

Adriana Calcanhoto

But I just want to remind you that out of 10 lives, 11 I would give you.

Lucas Lucco

Every time you move, I get emotional. Something so perfect is growing in me and I still find it hard to believe it’s true.

I look in the mirror, I know it’s still early, but I want to see you grow. I dream about us and I adore you completely without knowing you.

Bárbara Dias

If I’m someone better, it’s to deserve you, God made me a mother to teach you to grow.


God is good all the time and when the time is right you will come my baby. Keep growing strong and healthy in mommy’s belly.

It brought out an instinct of love and protection, you can’t even see it and you already love it.

Bruna Olly

Being pregnant is feeling the belly moving, as if the baby was already communicating with the mother.

I’m sure you’ll be as perky as mommy because you love moving in my belly. I love you daughter!

There is a love that grows more each day inside me: my baby.

The love of my life arrives in nine months!

I will be by your side and guide you to happiness. That’s my promise, my baby!

Nothing I write can express the happiness I feel in my soul for having a life growing in my belly!

I look to the future and see how beautiful it will be because I will have you with me. Come healthy and on time!

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