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60 phrases by Chico Buarque to know this great name of MPB

You who invented sadness, well, have the grace to uninvent it.

People are afraid of change. I’m afraid that the things never going to change!

At Carnival, I hope that people far away live in memory, that sad people can join the dance, that grown-ups know how to be children.

But when I needed it so much, my love, what’s it like? Where were you?

Imagine tonight we get lost. Imagine tonight the moon goes out.

Ah, if I could, I wouldn’t fall for your soft talk again, I wouldn’t give your person soft.

Despite you, tomorrow will be another day.

Her eyes are full of hope, a color no one else has.

There’s no more door, but I don’t feel like going in either.

Maybe one day, through carelessness or poetry, you’ll like to stay.

Tell the first one that passes by that I’m from cachaça more than love.

Carnival, disillusion. I left the pain at home waiting for me and I played and I screamed and I was dressed like a king.

Listen to some good advice that I give you for free: it’s useless to sleep because the pain doesn’t go away.

There was a time when, if I had to choose between two blindnesses, I would choose to be blind to the splendor of the sea, to the mountains, to the sunset of Rio de Janeiro, to have eyes to read what is beautiful, in black letters. on white background.

I find it delightful when you forget your eyes on mine or when your laughter mixes with mine.

He loved that time as if it were the last.

Behind a sad man there is always a happy woman and behind that woman a thousand men, always so kind.

I just ask you one favor: if you can, don’t forget me somewhere.

You’re a page turned, discarded from my serial.

I should have cured myself of my ridiculous obsession with love by now.

What if I could come into your life?

Time spun in an instant in the turns of my heart.

Your memory hurts me so much…

Whoever sees me standing still, distant, assures me that I don’t know how to samba… I’m saving myself for when carnival arrives.

Come I want you weak, come I want you fool, come I want you all mine.

I do samba and love until later and I’m very sleepy in the morning.

This girl is different, she doesn’t know me anymore. She’s way ahead, she’s passing me backwards.

And by my law we were obliged to be happy.

A daughter in the hand is better than two fathers flying overhead.

But to my disenchantment what was sweet ended, everything took its place, after the band passed.

Don’t worry, no, that nothing is for now.

Not all madness is genius, as not all lucidity is old.

My love has a gentle way that is yours alone, that steals my senses, violates my ears with so many beautiful and indecent secrets.

Memory is a vast wound.

Today in solitude it is still difficult to understand how love was so unfair to those who were only dedicated to it.

Two people don’t balance side by side for long, each with its silence; one of the silences ends up sucking the other.

There’s no other way, we have no cure.

Eyes in the eyes, I want to see what you do when you feel that without you I’m doing too well. Eyes to eyes, I want to see what you say, I want to see how you can bear to see me so happy.

But you don’t know why it popped into your head. And you won’t settle down until you turn it into a song, into a verse.

My body is a witness to the good it does for me.

It should be forbidden to make fun of anyone who ventures into a foreign language.

Come, give me your hand, we were no longer afraid. In the time of evil I think we weren’t even born.

Certain stories do not stop happening in us until the end of our lives.

I see the crowd blocking all my paths, but the reality is that I am the nuisance in the crowd’s path.

There are days when we feel like someone who has left or died.

She makes movies. She is the one. I know she may be a thousand, but there is no other like it.

I always suspected, since I was a little boy, that I would get old.

Sometimes what we are looking for is not what we are looking for. It’s what we find.

New water sprouting and people loving each other non-stop.

It is in the sum of your gaze that I will know myself completely.

Everything is various, temporary, ephemeral. We never are, we always are.

She’s too much, maybe she doesn’t even like me well, but she does a good thing that no one does for me.

I arranged my path to touch yours.

Even in a dream I was attentive so that I could always remember you.

Seeing her enjoy a text from me without knowing it was, would almost be like watching her undress without knowing I was looking at her.

A tale of love with no end was left from our mismatch.

I love her so much, and I love her so much, I think she’s beautiful.

We hardly see each other, I just wanted to remember, let me know about you, it made me want to go back.

Can’t you see that this is a sin, to despise those who love you?

My heart closes its eyes and sincerely cries.

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