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6 Things You Should Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

More flexible working hours, better quality of life, autonomy of decisions… These are some of the main reasons that lead people to want to open their own business.

However, of course, not everything is a “bed of roses”. Opening your own business does not only offer advantages and, for that, you need a lot of responsibility.

André Miotto, business consultant and managing partner of AMX Soluções em Gestão Integrada, highlights that every professional who opens his own business gives himself the chance to fulfill himself personally and professionally, putting his visions and intuitions into practice. “Entrepreneurs will obtain financial and market development, expansion and success, thus becoming independent professionals both in the professional and economic spheres”, he says.

The person who chooses to open his own business will certainly face many challenges on a daily basis, as Miotto points out, however, it is all part of the process. “Flexibility and vision are extremely important… Now whoever has become an entrepreneur is at the forefront, he is no longer a supporting player”, he highlights.

The main point of attention, according to Miotto, is that, now, being an owner, the person will be exposed to unexpected and timely changes and actions, which require flexibility, common sense and financial, human and commercial experience to deal with. . “When it comes to unforeseen circumstances and adversities, the Brazilian market demands that entrepreneurs at least be trained to avoid unsustainable financial and market losses”, he says.

The business consultant emphasizes that the professional needs to be willing and prepared to assume responsibilities towards his market and clients. “The search for products and services is increasingly qualified and consumers tend to demand greater knowledge and efficiency from the entrepreneur. Along with this, it is very clear that the tax burden tends to make entrepreneurship difficult,” he says.

Another important point, according to Miotto, is the absence of the card for the entrepreneur, who will often have a working day with more than 8 hours a day and still without a salary deposited in the checking account at the end of the month. “Remembering that vacations and holidays will be things of the past at first. Of course, all this tends to adjust with time and more business experience”, he highlights.

The main advantages and disadvantages of starting a business

Marcel Spadoto, CEO of M2BS, partner at Opportunity Consultoria and Professor at FIA, economist, accountant, postgraduate in Sales & Marketing, business specialist from FGV, consultant and speaker in Sales, Marketing and Management, highlights, in summary, which In his opinion, the advantages of opening your own business are:

  • Make your dream come true;
  • Take advantage of their knowledge, skills and experience for their own benefit;
  • Have the chance to profit and earn above a CLT contributor;
  • Possibility to establish your work rhythm;
  • Personal satisfaction.

Spadoto highlights, on the other hand, in a nutshell, the disadvantages of opening your own business:

  • Uncertainty;
  • Many variables that are not under your control;
  • Not properly managing anxiety and pressure;
  • Not having evaluated all the risks and possibilities.

6 things to consider before starting your own business

Experts cite the main things a person should consider before starting their own business:

1. Do you have the aptitude to undertake?

According to Spadoto, a relatively simple set of measures can avoid complex problems in the future. And among such measures is to carry out a test on your aptitude to undertake.

2. Are you willing to take risks?

Also according to Spadoto, it is important to assess how much you are willing to take risks.

3. Do you have a plan?

For Spadoto, it is also essential to make a very detailed business plan and, if possible, with professional help.

4. Do you know yourself well?

According to Miotto, the entrepreneur has to assess whether he has the knowledge and skills to relate to employees, customers and under pressure. “Entrepreneurs must have an attentive and selective vision in their focus of action, always set themselves bold goals and take into account that every venture has risks, but it is always necessary to be prepared for small setbacks, as they know that this will serve their success” , it says.

Self-knowledge, according to the business consultant, is decisive when starting a company and will mainly serve to understand if the profile and idea are in connivance with the expectations of the potential audience and with what they have to expect from your service or product. . “In order not to work with emotions and surprises, it is necessary to prepare a good business plan”, he adds.

5. Are you cautious?

Miotto highlights that a consideration that must be taken into account is that the greatest fear of the entrepreneur is to fail and end up wasting time and money invested in the business. “A successful entrepreneur takes risks and makes mistakes many times and this process is natural, but I emphasize that caution and care is needed not to cause fatal mistakes for the company”, he says.

6. Do you trust your abilities?

Miotto explains that many professionals have a lack of confidence in relation to their competence and aptitude to carry out their undertaking and attitude. “And so they end up taking a step back when taking off for a high flight”, he highlights.

Testimonial from those who have already opened their own business

Fernando Mello, owner of Agência Carnaval, says that in 2010 he decided to open his own business, in partnership with a friend. “I received an invitation from a great friend and current partner to quit our job and open a Digital Marketing agency. I was very well paid, I worked at Bayer as a programmer analyst. My main task was to maintain the company’s administrative systems. I decided to open my business because every day that I got out of bed to go to work, I was sad for doing something I didn’t like and would count the hours until the day was over. That wasn’t life and it wasn’t fair to me or the employer. It sounds like a lie, but it was on April 1, 2010 that the decision was made,” he says.

According to Mello, the main difficulties he faced were: winning over new customers and re-educating himself to live with less income. “I overcame it with the support of my wife who also believed it could work. We stopped spending on restaurants, theaters, among other expenses. We cut costs like cable TV, maid, and moved on to cooking and freezing everyday meals,” she says.

“I studied a lot on the subject of digital marketing and we were able to give great results to our customers. From that moment on, I started to receive several indications and the number of clients grew at an alarming rate”, says Mello.

The entrepreneur gives a tip to those who are thinking about opening their own business. “The main advice is for you to open your business to make your life and that of other people better… If the objective is only money, your difficulty will be fivefold. But if you do it for taste, everything will become easier and better. Good luck,” he says.

Is it worth investing in a franchise?

When thinking about having their own business, many people consider the possibility of opening a franchise. But is this really beneficial? What to consider before opening a franchise? In which area to invest? These are some common questions around the subject.

Paulo Cesar Mauro, CEO of Global Franchise, explains that the franchising market has shown year-on-year growth above the national GDP, in addition to a low closing rate. “Therefore, it is one of the safest options for those who want to undertake”, he says.

One of the biggest advantages of the segment, according to Mauro, is the fact that the entrepreneur has the chance to be associated with a well-known and consolidated brand or product. “In addition, the chances of a franchisee being successful in their business are greater, as they will have access to the brand’s know-how, standardization and support at different stages”, he adds.

According to Mauro, before investing in a network, the investor must make some considerations:

  • You need to research and analyze which type of business fits your profile, as affinity with the brand’s operating segment and experience in the field are crucial and must be taken into account when making a decision.
  • Another important point to be evaluated is the capital required for the investment. Before buying a franchise, the entrepreneur needs to analyze his finances and verify that the business really is in accordance with his financial conditions, because, at the beginning of the operation, it will be necessary to inject money for the business to turn. The ideal is to strictly follow the network’s recommendation regarding the volume of working capital (cash reserve) needed, until the business balances out. If you can have an additional value, even better.

The opinion of those who bet on a franchise

Wilson Kano, director of ObentôMania, a restaurant chain that works with Japanese lunchboxes, believes that it was advantageous to invest in this type of business, as the food sector is one of the few that, regardless of economic crises and fluctuations, continues to advance.

In Kano’s opinion, before investing in a franchise, the ideal is to know the business at least. “Performing a lot of research, comparing exhaustively and hitting the hammer with the one that most accomplishes you as an entrepreneur. Because one thing I can say: anyone who invests in a franchise thinking it’s easy money, with little sweat, is wrong. The advantage of buying a franchise is that you have more chances of billing (because you are part of a network), of having support and adhering to a successful model”, he says.

Alessandra Brandão, director of the 2be Study exchange network, highlights that the exchange area has grown by more than 600% in recent years because people are becoming aware that international experience and learning a new language in loco make a difference in the curriculum and life. “So, to undertake in this segment of the economy is to make an almost certain bet”, she says.

For Alessandra, franchises, regardless of their segments, are safer businesses. “After all, the future franchisee acquires the opportunity to be part of a network already recognized by the public, with a proposal that tends to be differentiated and have a unique support – quite different if he himself decides to start a new network / brand”, he says. Is it over there.

Tom Ricetti, director of the bakery drive thru Pão To Go, points out that the entrepreneur needs to be aware that, although franchising offers a series of advantages, such as association with a well-known brand and support from the franchisor, the success of the business depends on the management and his dedication. “Therefore, before opening a franchise, the entrepreneur needs to research and find a network that fits his profile”, he says.

Erni Luís da Silveira, director of the Vinho & Ponto chain, believes that when the entrepreneur/entrepreneur opts for a franchise, it is essential that he/she has an affinity with the product or service in which…

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