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6 Signs of Illness You May Notice When Examining Your Armpits

Everyone knows that it is important to take care of yourself to maintain health and prevent possible illness. However, we pay too much attention to certain areas of our body and end up ignoring smaller regions. However, we cannot underestimate their importance. For example, the condition of our armpits can indicate the presence of some diseases.

O awesome.club alert to the attention that we must pay to our physical well-being, which is why this post brings a list of symptoms that can appear in the armpits and that we cannot ignore.

1. odor

Underarm odors are natural. They arise because of bacteria that grow in areas of sweat accumulation. But we all know that fighting those odors is a simple thing to do: using deodorant and showering. If the smell persists and is very strong, there is a risk of some kind of problem.

A strange, persistent odor even after showering can indicate hormonal problems and a malfunctioning thyroid. If the smell reminds you of “rotten fruit” or “nail polish”, it may indicate the presence of ketoacidosis: the loss of the body’s ability to digest sugar.

2. itching

The feeling of irritation right after shaving your armpits can be normal; it arises because of the growth of new hairs. But if the itching doesn’t stop, maybe something in your body isn’t quite right.

Severe irritation can be caused by a skin reaction to the razor, fabric of clothing, or substances used in creams and deodorants. Along with such irritation, red spots and dead cells appear. If this happens, it is likely due to a fungus on the skin, which will require a medical appointment.

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3. Eruptions

The armpit region, always hot and humid, is ideal for the development of various types of infections. It is impossible to know what kind of infection is occurring in your case; therefore, in the face of the appearance of itching, itching and rashes, it is better to consult a dermatologist. These skin reactions can be caused by friction with clothing, the weather, or an allergy.

4. Pain

The feeling of pain in the armpits does not always indicate that you should run to the doctor. The pain can arise after a physical workout or after wearing heavy clothes. In these situations, the discomfort disappears over time.

However, if the pain doesn’t go away after a few days, make an appointment with your doctor. It happens rarely, but pain can be a sign of tumor formation in the lymph nodes.

5. Swellings, calluses

The lymph nodes found in the armpits are absolutely visible. But if you notice the presence of a swelling, it may be the sign that the lymph nodes are trying to deal with an infection. If the action of the organism is positive, the situation normalizes without the need for external intervention.

Seeing a doctor if you have a swelling or callus is necessary if the inflammation does not go away on its own within a week. This sign can be worrying, as the growth of lymph nodes is a symptom of serious infections, and even cancer.

6. Excessive sweating

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