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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jeans

Since that day in the distant year of 1853, when Levi Strauss made the first jeans, these pieces of clothing have become part of the daily lives of millions of people. Initially aimed at workers in the gold mines, the pants came out of the closets of these workers and won the world. Today, it is practically impossible to think of another piece of clothing that is as popular as Strauss’s creation: people of different ages, social status and occupation do not give up their jeans, all over the planet. However, despite the huge variety of models, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. After all, as with any decision, defining the most suitable jeans for your body requires some care.

O awesome.club gathered for the most common mistakes when taking a pair of jeans home.

1. Do not pay attention to the waist of the pants

Even if you’ve bought the right size jeans, especially when buying online, pay attention to the waist type of the pants. If you want a model with a regular or medium waist, invest in a piece that fits your size. But if you like a low waist, remember that even if you have a small tummy, the pants just won’t button.

Generally, the jeans label usually has information about the measurements: the length of the inner seam and the waist circumference. Try to find the indication about hip circumference, which in many cases is more important than waist size.

2. Do not care about the position of the pockets

When shopping for jeans, keep in mind that they should not only fit in the front, but also in the back. Do not buy models with very low pockets: they will give the idea that your butt is not in the best shape. At best, the line below the pocket should not be below the point where the gluteal muscle ends.

Pockets that are too big give the impression of more volume, and you’ll look bulkier than you really are.

3. Buy jeans that are wide at the waist

In some cases, jeans look good on everything but the waistline. Because of this, you can even put a few fingers between the pants and the body. Don’t wait for the belt to solve the problem, as this will cause the appearance of unsightly folds in the fabric, causing the pants to not fit well. The only solution in this case is to choose another model.

It’s worth buying jeans in a smaller size, in the hope that the material will stretch. To understand if the pants will be looser after use, look at the composition of the fabric on the label. If you have spandex, spandex, or spandex, just a few hours of wearing it, you’ll notice that it feels less tight.

4. Not checking the side seam

Another thing you need to pay attention to when buying: the side seam. The tip is especially valid for tight jeans: if the seam below the knee deforms, a big nuisance will arise that will visually distort your legs. As for wide-cut models, the seam, if it doesn’t sit exactly in the center of the leg, will give your hips additional volume.

5. Try separately the pieces that will be used together

The same jeans can look different depending on the combination it is made: for example, a piece can look beautiful when worn with a t-shirt, but strange when paired with a sweater. Therefore, when you go to the store, the ideal is to take the same pieces with which you plan to combine the jeans.

It is also important not to forget about the shoes: the length of the classic cut models must allow the bottom line of the pants to reach exactly halfway up the heel. If the model you’re attracted to is too long, you can easily cut the garment without sacrificing factory stitching. But then it will be impossible to increase it again.

6. Choosing the wrong time to try on the piece

The same jeans that looked great in the dressing room, at home, have a loose waist. Has this ever happened to you? Perhaps the reason is that you made the purchase right after eating. To avoid this kind of surprise, don’t go to the store right after a meal.

Do you know any other tricks that help you choose the perfect jeans? Share with us by leaving a comment!

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