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6 Habits and Diseases That Result in Peeling Feet

In addition to being annoying, peeling feet indicate a problem, which could be the result of a bad habit or illness. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical help. To better understand the subject, check out what dermatologists Dr. Maria Catalina Coloma, from Clínica Carvalho Concept, and Dr. Mariana Okamura, dermatologist and professor of the medical course at PUCPR:

1. Ringworm of the feet

Dr. Maria Catalina explained that “the most common is scaling between the toes, but scaling can appear on the entire sole of the foot. Some more aggressive types of fungi cause larger blisters and secondary bacterial infection.” Complementarily, Dr. Mariana explained that ringworm, “in addition to scaling, can cause local redness and itching”.

What to do?

Both doctors recommend consulting a specialist to identify the disease and receive appropriate guidance on the use of medications. Mariana also recalled the importance of “avoiding long periods with wet or damp feet, as the environment becomes favorable to fungi”.

2. Plantar hyperkeratosis

It is not a disease, but the result of some habits. According to Mariana, hyperkeratosis “is characterized by thickening of the feet, popularly known as ‘thick foot’. Commonly caused by going barefoot, wearing too many flip-flops or flats. However, it is rarely genetic.”

What to do?

The recommendation of Dr. Mariana is “avoid going barefoot and wear flats or flip-flops for a shorter period”. In addition, it is necessary to keep the region hydrated to help reduce the effect of the ‘thick foot’.

3. Plantar dyshidrosis

Dr. Maria Catalina commented that, in dyshidrosis, the appearance of “bubbles together on the sides of the fingers, it can also happen on the sides of the fingers. The more intense, the more it generates the scaling of the plantar region”. In addition, Dr. Mariana said that a very common symptom is intense itching at the site of the tiny blisters.

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What to do?

As a result of frequent contact with water, Dr. Maria Catalina recommends “drying your feet very well after showering and going to the pool or sea, even with an exclusive towel for your feet”. In addition, both dermatoses recommend a medical consultation to treat the problem and relieve symptoms.

4. Contact dermatitis

According to the doctor. Mariana, this type of dermatitis causes “scaling, redness and itching in areas that come into contact with allergenic substances or materials, for example, rubber slippers”.

What to do?

As with contact with a substance or material, if you see what is causing the symptoms above, stop using the allergen immediately. However, the safest option is to “make an appointment with a dermatologist to diagnose and identify the cause of the dermatitis,” said Dr. Mariana.

5. Lack of hydration

Despite being neglected and sometimes forgotten, feet also need care. Dr. Mariana commented that “lack of hydration is a habit that can lead to peeling feet”.

What to do?

In this case, there is no secret. Dermatologist Mariana presents a very easy solution that you can do at home: “it is important to hydrate your feet, with a moisturizer suitable for the region”.

6. File your feet excessively

As reported by Dr. Maria Catalina, sanding the feet excessively “takes off the protective layer of the skin and the peeling tends to get worse”. So, if you are in the habit of sanding, you need to be careful and don’t forget about the subsequent hydration.

What to do?

The dermatological recommendation is “do not sand, especially if you notice that the peeling is getting worse”. The tendency is for “a ‘Cinderella’ effect, that is, it improves on the day you sand, but gets worse over time,” said Dr. Maria Catalina. She also recommends a visit to the dermatologist to check for other foot problems.

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Did you imagine that peeling feet were related to habits and diseases presented by experts? You know, feet require care, attention, affection and hydration. Enjoy and check out the article about dry and cracked feet.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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