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6 exercises to develop body awareness and enjoy its benefits

Pain and discomfort are ways for the human body to communicate and alert possible problems. Being able to understand these warnings is a sign of body awareness. To develop this condition, it is possible to insert some simple exercises to do at home in the routine. Check out what they are and the benefits of this awareness with personal trainers Virgínia Campos (CREF RJ-051566) and Fernanda Pasini (CREF RJ-051271).

What is body awareness

“Body Awareness is the ability to master body movements by connecting body structures with the environment”, explains Virginia Campos. In other words, “it is our perception of the body”, says Fernanda, understanding her limits when performing a movement or exercise.

Such ability can be acquired at any age. Both professionals agree that the sooner a person starts playing sports, the sooner they develop body awareness. Fernanda also explains that this is a “more active lifestyle” that encourages different skills.

7 benefits of body awareness

  • Balance: Fernanda explains that bodily injuries caused by lack of balance can be avoided by body awareness. This happens because most of the exercises work concentration.
  • It removes pain and discomfort: according to the professional, body awareness makes the body stronger for simple everyday actions, made difficult due to discomfort resulting from poor posture, for example.
  • Strength: this benefit, associated with the previous ones, can also be accessed through weight training and functional training, indicates the personnel.
  • It favors social relationships: Fernanda explains that people with body awareness tend to be good at sports and playing instruments. They are not afraid to show these skills. Because of this, they end up standing out among the others and facilitating coexistence with third parties.
  • Motor coordination: synchronizing arms and legs during an exercise becomes easier, making the movements and, consequently, the training, more efficient, guarantees Fernanda. Yoga, Pilates and dance are exercises recommended by the professional.

In addition, according to Virginia, body awareness promotes health and better performance in everyday activities. And to take advantage of these benefits, she suggests some exercises. See below.

How to develop body awareness

According to Virginia, the activities listed below work all muscles, such as the myocardium (heart muscle) and trunk muscles (deep stabilizers). Plus, they can be done at home or at the gym. Check out 7 exercises recommended by the professional and learn how to do them:

single leg balance

For Virginia, this is a great exercise to build body awareness. “It consists of standing on one foot for 30 or 40 seconds,” says the professional. The exercise can be done several times a day.


The exercise is simple and can be done with or without weight. Virginia indicates it, because movement is very common in anyone’s routine. In addition, the teacher explains that being able to get up off the floor without support demonstrates autonomy, achieved through body awareness.

front bridge

“You position yourself facing the floor, supporting your forearm and feet on the floor without losing your spine alignment”, teaches teacher Virginia. The exercise can be repeated several times.

jumping jack

“The arms are aligned at the sides of the body”, says Virgínia. In this exercise, the physical education teacher explains that the legs and arms open and close simultaneously “being an aerobic exercise”.


“The palms of the hands are on the floor and the elbows flex and extend”, says the teacher. The correct position can be seen in the image.

Calm back

After this exercise, Virginia suggests stretching the lower limbs. One option is to flex your torso with your legs extended.

These are just a few exercises that help develop body awareness. But if you are more into group activities such as dance, yoga and pilates, check out our articles on zumba, neopilates or, if you prefer, Yoga for beginners.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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