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6 European princesses heirs to the throne and curiosities about their lives

In a few years, and thanks to changes in Salic law, the lines of succession to the throne of European monarchies will have a greater female presence. Even if it takes some time for this to happen effectively, the truth is that six women are being prepared to play their future roles as queens. It all starts with Victoria of Sweden, the oldest of that generation, who, at 43, is one step closer to taking her father’s throne. Then come the teenagers and girls who, little by little, begin to make their first public appearances and speeches, such as Elizabeth from Belgium, Catharina-Amalia from Holland, Ingrid from Norway, Leonor de Borbón from Spain, and Estelle from Sweden, daughter of Victoria and the second direct heiress.

O awesome.club prepared a list with the six women who will become queens of various European countries, and some curiosities about their lives.

1. Catharina-Amalia of Holland

Catharina-Amalia de Orange is a 17-year-old girl who loves sports and music. In addition, she is the Crown Princess of the throne of the Netherlands, as she is the eldest daughter of the current King, Willem Alexander, and his wife, Queen Máxima. In the Netherlands, the line of succession favors the firstborn, whether male or female. Catharina will come of age in 2021, when she will officially start to participate in the agenda of the Royal House.


Her full name is Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria.

Among his birth godparents are the heir to the throne in Sweden, Princess Victoria of Sweden.

She is an excellent student and speaks several languages, including Spanish, which she practices with her mother, Máxima, who was born in Argentina. When she succeeds her father, Willem Alexander, she will become her country’s fourth sovereign. Before her came her great-great-grandmother Guillermina, her great-grandmother Juliana and her grandmother Beatriz.

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2. Elizabeth of Belgium

Elizabeth of Belgium is 19 years old, is the current Duchess of Brabant and direct heir to the throne, after her grandfather Albert II abdicated in 2013 in favor of her son and current King Philippe of Belgium. In her case, Elizabeth received the benefit of inheriting the throne after the Salic law was abolished in the country in 1991, giving the right of succession to the princesses and their descendants, which makes it possible for her to become the first woman to occupy the throne. Belgian.


At the age of 18, in August 2020, Elizabeth began her military training at the Royal Military Academy of Belgium.

Among his hobbies are skiing, sailing, tennis, ballet, drawing and piano.

He speaks four languages: German, French, Dutch (official languages ​​of the country) and English.

3. Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz (Spain)

Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz is 15 years old, the princess of Asturias and heir to the throne of Spain, as she is the eldest daughter of the current king, Philip VI. Leonor’s grandfather, Juan Carlos I, abdicated in 2014, which allowed the girl to rise directly in the line of succession. Furthermore, the fact makes her one of the youngest recipients of the crown in Europe.


She is a fan of the cello, an instrument she has played since she was six. She has a Labrador retriever named Sara, who she got as a first communion gift. She studies Chinese, French, English, Galician, Basque, Catalan and Arabic. At age 14, she made her first speech oficial, which earned him a great ovation from the public and an “unforgettable” moment.

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4. Ingrid Alexandra from Norway

Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is 16 years old and the eldest daughter of Princes Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway, which makes her the second heir in succession to the throne of that country. Once she earns her precious place as queen, Ingrid will become the second woman in Norwegian history to hold that position, after Margrete I.


His godparents at baptism are the heir to the throne of Denmark, Federik of Denmark and the current monarch of Spain, Philip VI. While her godmother is Victoria of Sweden.

She was the first member of the royal family to attend public school.

Ingrid is the first princess in Norway with the right to be queen, after the abolition of Salic law in 1990, which regulated monarchical succession in favor of men.

She is the junior surfing champion in Norway, information confirmed by the Royal House. In addition, she is a fan of skiing and kickboxing.

5. Victoria of Sweden

Victoria of Sweden is the first heir to the throne of Sweden, as she is the eldest of that country’s kings, Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden. When Victoria wins the post, she will be the fourth woman to reign in the Scandinavian country.

It should be noted that, when the princess was born, Salic law was in force, which prohibited her from succeeding her father on the throne. However, due to social pressure and some organized groups, parliament reformed the constitution and abolished the law, establishing that the first born son of the king would be the heir, regardless of gender. Before all this happened, Carl Philip, Victoria’s brother, was already born and proclaimed the next heir. Despite this, parliament caused the law to become retroactive. Therefore, Victoria became the heir to the throne.

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Victoria is 43 years old and has two children, being the eldest, the second in the line of succession, after her mother. She is godmother to five royal boys soon to become kings and queens in Europe, along with two of her nephews: Catharina-Amalia of Holland, Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Christian of Denmark, Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark, Leonor from Belgium, Leonor from Sweden and Alexander from Sweden.

He has an academic background in Political Science and History at Yale University in the United States. While in that country, he worked for two periods at the United Nations.

6. Estelle from Sweden

Estelle of Sweden is the daughter of Victoria of Sweden and second in line to the Swedish throne. She is eight years old and still too young to know exactly what the future holds for her. However, she is already considered part of the list of heirs to one of the most important royalty in Europe.


At his baptism, he had five godparents: Prince Haakon of Norway, King Willem of the Netherlands, Crown Princess Maria Olympia of Denmark, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Anna Westling Söderström, his paternal aunt.

At the age of two, he presided over his first official act.

He was part of his school’s choir.

What is your opinion on the rise of women in the leadership of various royal houses in Europe in the coming years?

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